The Barn at High Point Farms

barn by our gardens

Todays post, I want to salute the flowers of High Point Farms. Everywhere you look and in every corner of our venue, you will see the evidences of many years of growing and loving flowers.

bride at flower farm wedding

There is likely not a single wedding gallery that is produced that doesn’t highlight and convey to the viewer that High Point Farms is all about the flowers. All of these flowers both in our gardens and around each of the buildings and all over the venue do make for some amazing backdrops for our brides.

flower beds garden

Even our gardens are a multiplier in that as each season passes, the flowers vary. This means that you can take a photo in the same spot in the spring and have Queen Anne’s Lace in your backdrop.

bride and groom by barn and flowers

And we grow such a variety of flowers (and plants like herbs and even blueberry bushes) that depending on which side of the garden you are posing in front of, you will get a different vibe.

Bride Groom running thru flowers
Amanda May Photos

The poppies are one of my favorites because I think of my mom. She has grown poppies my entire life. These are a double bloom pink poppy. The emerging poppy buds are also intriguing ever as much as the stunning poppy blooms are.

mr and mrs

We grow lots of herbs too like this huge rosemary plant. We often even incorporate the herbs in our bouquets or boutonnieres just to give it a touch of organic beauty and smells. Placing a sprig of rosemary on the dinner plate also adds a touch of class but amazing smell to the barn.

kissing by sunflowers

Come the heat of summer, flowers like zinnias that come in a large range of colors are easy to infuse as well. They provide lots of color but are heat tolerant. We try to grow some sunflowers each year too. Unfortunately, they have a short bloom time, but for the lucky bride, it makes a statement in their photos.

bride groom in garden

The yellow blooms in this photo may stump many flower gardeners because it is a kale bloom. Obviously most people who grow kale will cut it before it has a chance to flower but here we are as anxious for the bloom as for the kale. With kale actually growing through much of the winter, these yellow kale blossoms have perfect timing for those early Spring weddings where each flower is truly appreciated.

farm wedding

Even this couple benefitted from no blossom at all. I can’t quite tell what is in the background, but onions and garlic stems is in the foreground. This photo gives an organic flair and I love it.

And some of our photographers are obviously flower fans and are very kind to take some shots just for the love of such beauty – and thanks!

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