Author: Margie Gardner

When I was nine years old, my cousin and I had a dream to open our own wedding venue and plan weddings for the rest of our lives. We would spend hours putting together Pinterest boards of collages and ideas. The romantic notion of planning weddings danced around in our heads. Long story short, she's now a teacher at an elementary school and I am working at a newspaper. The dream of the wedding venue still sits in the back of my mind but pretty far back because life happens.  That was till this summer when Margie offered for me to come

I recently received my shipment of these fabulous recycled glass jugs (often referred to as Demijohns).  I ordered a couple of sizes so to afford me a variety of uses. Having a variety of heights when it comes to decorating is Decorating 101.  I have a bounty of colored glassware and goblets so adding these larger glass jugs to my collection is a perfect compliment to my vintage treasures. This photo shoot was purely for fun just to see how to mix these jugs with different colors. The amber glassware has a rising following of admirers. It blends superbly with all

The roll out begins of our annual “Best of” Series – Best of 2020 – Magazine Worthy Photos, where we recognize and applaud the talent of our photographers who visit the farm.  Every year we comb through all of the submitted photos to find the best of the best – the photos that have that extra something special.  We say that the talent on these photos are so amazing that we would not be surprised to see them get picked up and posted in a magazine.   Nine of the ten photos are in random order – all special and deserve

Photo by Joy & Everette Photography Weddings are full of emotions, traditions, family, and friends.  These are all intricately woven together in every aspect of a typical wedding day.  Such a special day can often come with a mix bag of emotions when deceased loved ones are not there to share the day with you.  Our couples often are pondering how to honor loved ones who have passed. Photo by Nashville Wedding Collection There are two first big decisions to be made; do you honor during the ceremony or some other time except the ceremony.  I do think you should be careful not to