The Barn at High Point Farms

June is traditionally considered “the wedding month.”  I think in the past this was because it meant that school and college was out for the summer with a window of time then to get married.  This is likely still a factor today though we consider summer wedding mid-May through early September.

Photo by Viktoriya Evich Krudu Photography

Summers are full of very long days where sunlight seems to encompass most of the day.  Ceremonies are typically 5:30, 6, or even 6:30 p.m. which means that when guests arrive and are funneled behind the barn, they are in shade and with a beautiful view of our pasture full of goats.

The farm is in full bloom during these summer months.  This means from the moment your guests arrive to the farm and barn there will be eye candy at every turn.

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Of course this always means more potential photo op (as if we struggle with that anyway).

Photo by Shane Hawkins Photography

We often time see a difference in the bridal “wear” during summer months.  Though notalways, often the guys get to “dress down a bit” without dressing casual.  Even the ladies often embrace a very “summer bridal gown” as well.

Photo by Nashville Wedding Collection

It even allows a better opportunity for the adventuresome couple to dart to the creek for a fun photo by or in the water!  It isn’t for everybody – but it does make for a beautiful and very unique photo.

Photo by Kenzie Stephens Photography

Photo by Shane Hawkins Photography

Photo by Nathan M. Bivens Photography

We typically see the cake (or cupcakes) set up in the dancehall where it stays nice and chilled!  It makes for a beautiful set up as well as a nice respite for guests too.

And often we will even see brides hiring a VERY POPULAR vendor – an ice cream or popsicle vendor cart!

Making smart choices (like what to wear and the best time for a ceremony) goes a long way into making a summer time event pull off nicely.  Everybody loves to get together in the summer but prefer to be in the shade.  Shade we have.

Photo by Soli Photography

Photo by Innamorata Photography

Even our infamous grove area indeed is mostly shaded.  Its canopy above makes you feel as though you have stepped off into the woods and though there is some light that finds you, it does give a gentle shady area even for your ceremony.

Our farm is so close to the foot of Lookout Mountain that the sun tucks behind the mountain a bit earlier than normal which automatically cools the temperatures down.  As evening then approaches, the temps become better and better and cool.

With all of our cafe lights on the fence lines and in the trees, there is no need to retreat inside the barn.  Guests can spill in and out.  Doors can stay open all night.


Photo by Perfect Capture Photo

Even in the summer, we typically still see the bonfires added.  Late at night, sitting by a fire, chatting with friends, under the beautiful open sky beside a bonfire is just a wonderfully serene experience.

Well – maybe a bit more fun sometimes that being just serene.

And……”this is why we love our summer weddings.”

~ Margie

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