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Each season of the year brings a change and a different ambiance from the next.  This three-part series highlights the attributes of each season – Spring, Summer, and Autumn.  We would relish your opinions too, so please chime in with a comment at the bottom.  Today, we start off with why we love Spring weddings. Spring weddings are mid-March through early May.

Even when the trees are holding back the budding of their tender foliage, the spring grasses put on a show all of their own.  The rich fresh color highlights anything and everything around it.

Spring provides the option for the wedding ceremony to be held at our arbor.  In full sun is certainly not a problem in the Spring.  The lawn is like a plush green carpet.

There is always something growing at the farm in the many beds and in the gardens.  We have flowering spring bulbs, early perennials that peep out, and veggies in the raised beds.

Even our garden has a spring display that looks totally different from the next season.

Spring is when we have a bounty of peonies, anemones, snow balls, and more.  Everybody loves peonies!!!

Photo:  Wonderly Photo

Red clover hits the fields in a show stopping presentation that only allows a couple of weeks worth of special photos in late Spring.

Photo:  Amanda May Photography

Double bloom pink poppies are another amazing flower and it too blooms late Spring right before Mother’s Day.

Even when some of our trees are not budding out or in full foliage yet, there is still plenty of greens in the grass, in many trees around the farm, and in the landscape.

The light is not as harsh in the Springtime either.  The position of the sun makes for some extraordinary photos.

Speaking of the sun, there is also no need to be searching out locations with shade for a Springtime wedding.  Every spot around the farm is fair game for a photo at any time of day.  Bring on the sun.

Photo:  J. Blanche Photography

Enjoy the assortment of greens in this backdrop.  Each kind of tree puts on a different hue of green in the Spring that turns into a beautiful collage.

Even for a husky guy who plans for this rare event of wearing a suit, Springtime has fresh air and low heat and humidity.  Perfect for the hesitant groom who is asked to wear a suit.

Photo:  Rileann Events

Fresh air and a comfortable temperature even in your full military uniform.

Even the night sky likes to put on a show with an array of colors.

Some brides may worry about rain – but rain is possible any month.  Some brides just are determined not to worry about it and embrace whatever comes.  These brides, though, get some amazing rain photos.

Some brides, like Leigh Ann, just removed any fear of weather and planned for an indoor ceremony from the beginning and it was so beautiful and unique.

Photo:  J. Blanche Photography

And we all know that Spring is famous for a flurry of baby goat births….and there is nothing like holding a baby goat – even on your wedding day.

Photo:  Jenn Blackburn Photography

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