The Barn at High Point Farms

Lots of choices around the farm to hang your beautiful wedding gown.  Which one do you like best?


In the turquoise powder bathroom?

In the main Bridal Prep room?


Upstairs of the farmhouse

Same room in the farmhouse but on the closet door.

Front porch of the farmhouse

Porch swing

Farmhouse Porch Screened Door

Farmhouse Porch hanging over the flowerbed.

Farmhouse back patio by the picket fence arbor.

Milkhouse back door.

Farmhouse Master Suite

Barn stage.

Patio Barn Door

Large distressed barn doors.

On the greenhouse door.

Inside of the barn with the big barn doors and curtains.

Inside the barn on the stage hanging within the lights.

Swinging metal doorway headed towards patio.

In the trees near the farmhouse

In a different tree near the farmhouse.

The old chicken coop.

The red trolley doors on the other side of the barn.


I think I have made my point.  The places are endless it seems.  Just pick one – it appears as though they will all be good choices.

~ Margie

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