The Barn at High Point Farms

From the living area looking towards the back is the kitchen area then beyond that is the bathroom.  We took a vintage door that was originally pulled out of the farmhouse and made it into a trolley door for the bathroom.  This allowed the door mirror for prepping and with it being a trolley door it took up less space.  And who doesn’t like the look of all of that trolley hardware?  With the door open, it showcases the beautiful vintage mirror attached to the wall of the bathroom.  This mirror came off of an old vanity desk.

If you know us at all, you knew that we would put a vintage farmhouse sink in this treehouse. The lace sink skirt, the brass hardware, and the vintage chandelier over the sink all play off of each other and somehow it makes even the kitchen a romantic spot.

Open shelving with the essentials, a real “mini-stove”, and a bonafide refrigerator.  I don’t think anybody will actually cook but we wanted to leave our options open for the future.

The bar is just the right size for the two of you and the view isn’t so bad either with Lookout Mountain in the horizon.  Often there are even goats in the pasture below you.

Beyond the kitchen is the bathroom.  No composting toilet for our brides!  A real toilet that flushes and a nice shower stall with subway tile; even large enough for two if you snuggle in.

As you move upstairs to the bedroom via the ladder you will find a king size bed awaiting you.  The full rear wall is made out of vintage doors just to add some interesting architecture.  There is the Boho vibe on the wall with the antlers and dream catchers.  The large bed is inviting with soft pillows and such.  A fan overhead for comfort and of course an A/C unit too.

The inside roof is made of recycled barn tin and not just any barn tin.  When we began our wedding venue, we replaced our barn roof with new tin and kept much of the old knowing that one day it might come in handy.  For sure, the vintage tin adds interest plus brings in the history of the farm to a new addition – marrying past and present.  This is something that I always try to do is to blend the old with the new with each new project that we tackle.

From upstairs to downstairs, there is always great views.  The large half-circle window at the crest of the treehouse not only lets in light but shows more of the foliage that surrounds the house.  So many of the treehouses that we have seen prior to our own creation seemed way too dark for our taste.  We wanted the best of both worlds.  We wanted it light and airy so you could see all of the trees and canopy surrounding you.  Wanted it romantic and cozy inside so you knew it was meant for lovers.  It is the attention to detail that hopefully makes it memorable.

And even the porch has a homey feel to it.  With a farmhouse style to it, we put a couple of vintage chairs on the porch just in case you wanted to sit and watch the lightening bugs before retiring for the night.  The cafe lights above and the rock pathway leading you to the treehouse all are geared to beckon one and all to come for the night and let it be an enchanting ending to the most wonderful day of your life.


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