The Barn at High Point Farms

Our 2018-2019 winter project was to build a tree-house honeymoon suite.

We have lodging options in our farmhouse and in our Mimi Guest House, but we wanted a special option for our bride and groom’s.   Though we embrace the “farmhouse-vibe” both at our farm and with our other lodging options, we wanted to take it with a new twist with our new project.  We envisioned a cute “mini-farmhouse cottage” style.  The white outside walls, turned porch columns, long and skinny front windows, a cozy front porch, and a tin roof all SHOUT farmhouse.

In the interior, we used distressed rough-sewn boards of varying widths.  Our floor, though vinyl planks, have a great mis-match reclaimed wood floor appearance.  Due to our need for ease of care and maintenance, we opted for this modern flooring versus a true wood floor.  So far, we love the ease of installation and the way it looks too.  The windows were all reclaimed windows.

Our design vision was more or less a Bohemain vibe.  The Boho look can vary from fiery rich colors and exotic patterns to a more neutral approach but both infuse antiques, natural elements, fringe and crochets, a slightly worn look, and a romantic flair.   In our other houses, we have enjoyed using pops of color, but this time we wanted to go with the whites and neutrals more.  With this being a honeymoon suite, white just seemed more fitting.  The living room decor was going to be an important first impression.  I found this great authentic “60’s” velvet tufted love-seat and ottoman.  It is unique and I knew the moment that I saw it that it would be perfect!  The touch of a vintage crocheted tablecloth adds just the right touch of the romantic.  I love mirrors especially in groupings.  “Naked mirrors” (frame-less) intrigue me and for some reason, I even love these that have begun to lose their silvering.  I have been collecting these for quite sometime knowing that the right project would benefit from them.  All the mirrors also help add more light and depth to the small room.  The coffee table is actually a family heirloom; an old wooden toolbox that belonged to my grandfather.  I love weaving our family history into every aspect of our farm and venue.  Almost everything seems to have a story and our treehouse does too.

On the opposite side of the living room from the loveseat is this cool green shelf.  It is perfect for the space and a one-of-a-kind find.  We are all about the details, so adding that “just perfect green” vintage luggage and other treasures to set the mood was perfect.  The lamps were another great find at one of our ventures to the Country Living Fair in Nashville last year.  It is so hard to find a pair of great lamps and these with their unique design and brass accents was just what we were looking for.

I found these beautiful corn husk flowers at Vinterest Southside and new that would fit right in.

I love vintage books especially those that have been stripped of their outer cover.  I also have a fondness for these vintage granny-square crocheted blankets.  I see them and instantly imagine all of the love that some granny somewhere spent hours and hours creating this for someone.  With a bit of green, this blanket found a home in our treehouse.  Even this vintage brass clock is a great asset.  No batteries needed as it is an old fashioned clock that plugs in and actually works!

I recently found this vintage toolbox at an antique sale; another treasure that spoke to me so it too came home with me.  The old toolboxes can make adorable containers for all sorts of things.  With a vintage doily and succulents, it makes a perfect holder for The Scout Guide, a local publication where we our family business was featured.

***Stay Tuned for “The Treehouse – Part II” for more of the story (and more pictures) on our Treehouse Honeymoon Suite.

~ Margie

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