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The choices of the Groomsmen’s Attire are virtually endless these days.  There is always a consideration to blend the guys look with the bride/bridesmaids, but in a world of “rustic-chic” where you can mix simple or informal with elegance or vintage, you don’t have to even be matchy-matchy.  Let your groom stand out among his groomsmen but consider all of your choices.

Full Suit

We still see a fair amount of traditional suits at the weddings here at the farm each year.  With outdoor ceremonies being the norm, I think it should be a serious factor to consider the temperatures and the comfort of your groomsmen in your decision making.  Even if you argue that the groomsmen can remove their jackets after the ceremony, understand that they will spend a fair amount of time “pre-ceremony through ceremony through picture taking time” in those jackets.  In early Spring or late fall, it certainly wouldn’t be much of a factor.

Vests & Ties But No Jacket

Some will compromise with putting the groomsmen in dress pants, vests, ties, and dress shirts and keeping only the groom in a full suit.

Vests No Tie No Jacket

The picture above shows one of our Boho-themed wedding.  This allowed the groomsmen to personalize their pants/vests a bit and allowed a bit more casual approach without sacrificing style.

Suspenders and Ties

(Mike Moon Studios)

Again, scaling down just a bit, the groom was the only one with a vest and allowed the groomsmen  to go with suspenders and a tie.  A bit casual, yes, but still very classy.  I love the groom’s bowtie, too, so he can stand out.

Suspenders and Bowties

groomsmen attire, groomsmen in suspenders

(Caressa Rogers Photography)

A slight alternative is to have the groomsmen in suspenders and bowties but put the groom in a full suit.  This wedding is obviously a summer wedding (looking at the sunflowers) so choosing linen pants and jacket was a smart move.

Mismatch But Coordinating

groomsmen attire, boho wedding groomsmen

(Susan Franklin Photography)

This is one of my favorite groomsmen attire choices.  The colors are compliment each other but are all unique.  Likely this was very budget friendly and accommodating to the groomsmen which is also a consideration for you to remember.


  1.  Lots of flexibility is allowed nowadays in everything-wedding related and this also includes the groomsmen’s attire.  Consider all of your options.
  2.  Take in account the environment; if you are having an outdoor event and/or if you are having a summer event.
  3.  You can have your cake and eat it too.  You can let your groom and groomsmen look great, fit into your theme, and be comfortable.  A comfortable groom will enjoy this day so much more than one who is uncomfortable.
  4.  You can allow the groomsmen to be dressed down from the groom’s attire.
  5. You do not have to sacrifice a classy look to be comfortable.  Look at this collection of bride and groom photos (below).  The groom is not in a full traditional suit but their photos still look very rustic-chic and stunning.

~ Margie

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