The Barn at High Point Farms

The ceremony area is where the emphasis of the wedding day is reveal, and as each bride is different, let me go through a few ceremony backdrop ideas for you to consider.

The Arbor

The arbor is a traditional backdrop.  Our arbor is a permanent one that is tucked around several river birch trees and others plus it has vines scaling all sides of it.

Often brides still want to embellish the arbor as this bride did with not only flowers, but draped fabric and tables and lanterns.  It certainly mixed the woodsy with the elegance and made for a beautiful presentation for her ceremony backdrop.

There are many ways just to do you draping – and each has a unique effect.

The arbor, left only to its natural state and its vine garland, still can be a glory to behold. It certainly helps to create a “framing” around the blissful kissing couple.

We do have a “portable arbor” that brides can rent.  These two can be decorated any an assortment of ways.  This bride was all about the flowers and she splurged on this arbor treatment but boy – it created an amazing backdrop.

This bride placed her arbor inside the barn and on the stage so coupled the arbor effect with the barn slats and the white curtain backdrop.

The arbor, for this bride,  placed in the grove.  With the drapery and the flowers, it framed out her ceremony kiss perfectly plus she got the woodsy effects by being in the grove.

Some brides bring their own arbor and, in this case, also brought a handmade (special for her) large macrame’ to hang.  Stunning!  I even love the antlers and flowers adorning the arbor.  This is such a great Boho vibe.

The Cross

The Grove

We also have a cross backdrop.  It too can be rented, draped, and with a garland.

The grove is where most of our weddings are held.  The canopy of foliage, the circle of trees, the woodland effect , these features are hard to resist.  Yet still, often brides will embellish here too, even if they don’t add the arbor.  This bride hung strings of purple dried flowers all around the grove.

The Pecan Tree

This bride hung mismatch frames from the trees.

With a collection and interest in birdcages, this bride hunt an assortment of them (and a few of mine as well) as her backdrop.

Autumn wanted an assortment of jars and birdcage lanterns from the trees.

Some will drape the big pecan tree with flowing material.

If a drape on the tree is beautiful, add a green vine garland and it doubles the effect.

Now some don’t embellish the grove or the tree at all because what nature has displayed is breath-taking all on its own.  The choice is up to you, then.


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