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Ah, the cake table – one of the common traditions of a typical wedding.  We have had a slew of very tasty and very beautiful wedding cakes this last year at the farm.  Naked cakes are still a trend but many traditional looking ones as well.

Our Mirror Wall helps to make any cake a Pinterest inspiration but it is up to your cake vendor to make a cake delicious enough for your guests to compliment!

Our Bottle Wall also makes for a cute presentation with all of those hanging bottles behind.  Here – the bride was able to weave in her Boho theme with addition of the lanterns, logs, and antlers.

Most wedding cakes avoid the sugar flowers of the past and add touches of real flowers that coordinate with the reception flowers or brides’ bouquet.

If your theme has more of a woodland feel, adding greenery, vines, or even moss works too.

Of course, adding cupcakes is still quite popular.  What’s not to like about cupcakes – especially like these toppled with fruit.

Some cakes get “on stage” positioning.

Even succulents make for a beautiful accent to your wedding cake.  Our large cake log helps to make a rustic infusion into the overall look.

This was a unique approach.  Consider having your cakes not layered one on top of each other – but styled separately like this.  Presentation is key….so ya gotta have some cute cake stands….but this is stunning from many angles.  The mirrors help to showcase the cake, adds reflective lighting to the photo, the prisms sparkler, the mixed votives add interest, and the colorful rose petals add a zip of color.  I am unsure whether the cake layers are all the same flavor or not – but you could likely have fun with varying flavors.  This approach might even be a bit cheaper as wedding cakes can be expensive due to the challenges of building the multi-layers.  This approach – you may get it all; great tastes, less expensive, and awesome visuals.

This bride had a smorgasbord of desserts.  This too is a trend.  With this wide assortment of vintage dessert-ware, it adds interest, a vintage theme, and a proper display for a variety of cakes, cupcakes, bars, and more.

I will say that guests L-O-V-E a dessert smorgasbord…..so many choices so little time.  Often, especially for our local brides, some of their family actually brings some of the family favorite desserts so this not only helps with the budget but it is a way to weave the family influence into your wedding day.  Everybody loves Aunt Jane’s German Chocolate Cake.  Remember – if you go this route…..think presentation and have ample supply of goodies.  Unlike a wedding cake where guests will eat their one slice – when you have a smorgasbord, they will typically have a bit of this and a bit of that.

It isn’t uncommon for there to be a donut display either.  Again – what’s not to love?  Talk about a crowd pleaser.

This is one of my most “pinned” Pinterest pictures from an earlier wedding here at the farm.  Evidently the donut thing hits a home-run for many brides who are looking for a way to put a smile on the groom’s face.

A fair amount of brides don’t even “cut the cake” anymore.  Do you know what the tradition means?  Supposedly it either means: 1. Your first domestic duty that you perform together (which is pretty lame), or 2. It is a fertility implication as you are “multiplying”.  Point is – some brides don’t do the “cut the cake” part.  Some do because it is often way too much fun to feed each other some food, or 3. Some want to avoid the cramming of food into each other’s mouth in front of all of their family and friends – so they just announce “the dessert table is open now for guest to enjoy.”  Whatever the choice – it will all work out just fine.

Remember that hiring an ice cream or gelati vendor cart is always a good idea – especially in the warmer months.  This makes an awesome addition to whatever cake choice you go with.

In cooler months, consider having a coffee or cocoa bar/station.

And – not to be a substitute for a good cake, but adding S’Mores to the night’s agenda is always popular – and not with just the kids.

So brides – think of all of your possibilities and find the one that fits you best!

~ Margie

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