The Barn at High Point Farms

Throughout each year, we showcase pictures from our weddings.  Each gallery is beautiful and we enjoy showing off our stunning brides and their event.  This selection list is dedicated purely to our talented photographers who come to the farm.  These photos go above and beyond the norm.  There is something in the lighting, the staging, the angle, whatever – that sets these above rest.  We feel that their quality is so extraordinary that they are “Magazine Worthy” and we would not be surprised to see them grace the pages of a wedding publication.

What is always a pain-staking process, we comb over and over the photos for this selection.  Twenty photos in all….and they will be revealed in random order.  Each day I will add a new photo to this blog so just “refresh” this page to get the updated photo and my comments.  The final three are considered are top choices but even those will be in random order because we truly cannot pick one top winner.  Thanks again to all of the brides and their photographers who shared these photos with us – and for the talent and dedication it took to create such art.  Let’s begin.

The Final Four – In random order, these are the four that we feel are the creme of the crop of all of these amazing “Magazine Worthy Photos” that we have already chosen.  We combed through all of your photos over and over again….selecting and reviewing and slowly eliminating.  Often this was round four or five or six. Knowing that we can’t select them all and knowing it is the photographers that we wanted to salute, we made our final choices.

I decided to post them all at once so not to put preference over any of these final fours. Most years we make a final three but again, like last year, we just couldn’t figure out which one to eliminate…so here they are.  Congratulations to all of these amazing photographers.

The Bohemian influences was not only evident in many of our weddings here at the farm, but as a trending influences across the board. This photo just seems to exemplify all of those features from Stephanie’s vintage looking wedding gown and Garret’s attire to the interesting mix of flowers in both the bouquet and the head crown.  Stephanie’s adoring smile and the delicate way that her hair stand dangles around her face made this a stand out.  Perfect location – behind the farmhouse which is full of butterfly bushes and a picket fence full of vines.  Photo credit goes to Sara Van Senus Photography.

This photo has been one of our most talked about photos of 2018.  For sure, this is not a typical “position” of a wedding shot.  Shelbey and Christian were adamant about taking a creek shot and Christian wasted no time taking off his shoes, rolling up his pant’s leg, and walking out into the creek.  Shelbey followed barefooted as well.  The rock wall was at its best on this day (though a flood right afterwards washed it away)…so the beautiful rock layers with rippling water certainly adds to the photo.  Christian holding Shelbey’s hand – leading her along the rock makes for the perfect set up.  Credit to Kenzie Stephens Photography.

This is the third photo from Rachel and Jarrod’s wedding gallery that has been selected in our top list here.  In fact, the full gallery itself was packed full of amazing photos so if there was an award for “Best Overall Gallery” – we would’ve selected this one by Eden Ingle Photo.  This photo jumps out partly because of the stunning flowers on both sides of the couple.  This garden pathway easily makes some great photos but Rachel’s look back at the camera adds the magic key.  Rachel is able to give that magic expression that makes this photo work so well.

This photo jumps out at you partially because of the awesome hue of the sunset behind the mountain.  Kelly and Tyler kissing and actually not looking at the camera help this photo to excel since most magazine photos don’t have the subjects looking at the camera.  Kelly’s vintage looking dress, her adorable Boho wrap, and the stunning bouquet full of rich colors makes it all come together as perfect.  Credit goes to Randi Vasquez Photography.

This is the third selection from Ninja Shark Photography for our list from Kristina’s wedding gallery.  Kudos to their talent and creativity.  This photo, like one of the other clover field photos that we selected for our Best of series, highlights the ultra-gorgeous red clover that comes and goes and is only available to a few fortunate brides….but when it is here – it can’t help but make for a stunning and slightly unique photo.  Also on this photo is the unique lighting effect that the photographer accentuated…..it almost looks like a heart – but I don’t think it is.  It does allow for plenty of light on the subjects (bride and groom) but plays well with the beautiful mountain backdrop too.

This is the 3rd selection from Honeyroot Photo and Film for Hannah’s wedding.  The whole gallery was stunning.  This photo has all of the great elements; great lighting, a good pose, and lots of interest in the foreground and background.  The Boho theme here is obviously with Hannah’s head crown and it all fits so perfectly within the garden with flowers abounding everywhere.  Hannah’s pose and Elise’s gaze towards the camera make a winning combo.  Congrats.

I have several vintage furniture pieces and they all are a huge asset to making some beautiful photos.  I love this one especially for all the tufting on the back.  A couch outside in a hayfield in of itself, if you think about it, is an odd combo but somehow it works.  Sometimes it works better than others – like this one.  The lighting and the background certainly add a special touch to this photo but I will say that both bride and groom, Sophia and Robbie, seem so be very content and at ease in this position.  It doesn’t look placed or staged.  It is as if we could have just left the two of them there on the couch for a bit – to return later to beckon them back to the barn and to their wedding guests.  It is a sweet moment of calm and joy in the midst of a generally hectic day where the two of them…just the two of them get their moment alone together.  Credit to Stephanie Richer Photographer

This photo is the second of Eden Ingle Photography gallery for Rachel’s wedding of last fall that has made this list.  Rachel is a beautiful woman and she has been able to put that “pensive look” on her face without look made or upset which is actually a difficult thing to achieve.  Something about this pose – the positioning of the viney arbor off to the backside and the presence of the goats on the other make this look straight out of magazine.

Ahhhh, the tree tunnel.  It is just magic somehow.  The tree-lined aisle that was once used to move horses and cows from the barn paddock to various pastures in the creak area…..now has turned into one of our favorite spots to send the photographers to capture these amazing shots.  This photo by Imgo Photography has all the right elements; centered well, a beautiful bride, an amazing gown that spreads along the ground, and overtly lush green fescue grass everywhere – and the lighting is just right to add the elements of shadowing and highlights around her.  Simple yet stunning.

This is the second photo from Ninja Shark Photography.  Not every bride would (or should) be willing to lay on the ground for a photo…..so though we have seen this type shot before – it is very rare.  Not Kristina – she was game for it. So the angle is part of it and the newlyweds do an awesome job of making this like a very tender “un-staged” kiss.  But, artistically, it helps to have a bit of the foreground showing so you can see the grass blades so you know they aren’t laying on a blanket.  Also the other factor is this is a perfect view of High Point….and even in the fuzzy part of the photo you can get a hint of the barn.  Point is….visually it makes it look as though they are on top of the world but in the world of their own sneaking a kiss before heading back to their guests.

Here we are at the half way point with submission number 10.  This is a portrait of Hannah by Honeyroot Photo and Film.  There is just something regal about this photo.  Part of it is the unusual tinting that came with the full gallery….a vintage feel for sure, but it is one you often see in magazines.  The setting is an unusual one – for some reason we haven’t had a photo taken in this direction. I imagine it was the desire to work in that ray of light coming in through the trees that drew the photographer to this spot.  Hannah has a stunning dress and extra long veil which always adds extra interest in such a photo.  It is so very Boho which has become increasingly popular.

We often see the full and complete gallery from a photographer – not only the best or favorites but all. Of course most of those aren’t going to be selected for a final gallery but it is always interesting to see the various versions of one particular shot. Some have the subjects looking pensive with no smiles; some have them looking straight; some want kisses; some want just their heads to be touching, etc. etc.  A photographer tries these various angles and stances knowing that one of them will just be the right one. When you look at the full procession of this one segment, you can quickly pass through them but suddenly one just jumps out at you.  This is the case with Sarah and this photo. This close up – a view that was so much more stunning than one taken further back.  Why?  Not fully sure.  Sarah is beautiful far away as well as close up.  Her dress is lovely.  The backdrop is virtually the same.  But – the close up maybe shows off the details more; the brides large brown eyes, the pearl earrings; the little hair ringlets framing her face; the detailing of her veil and gown, and the interesting details of her unique head crown.  Even the backdrop – the picket fence and greenery add a perfect setting for a very Boho-inspired bride.

Credit to Sarah Van Senus Photography.

This post is another one that at first glimpse seems quite simple.  Our “tree tunnel” is magic when it comes to a photo spot.  What drew us to this photo in part is the emerald green grass and greenery to the point that it almost looks unreal…but it’s not!  The bride, Noelle, with her long black hair and her greenery head crown this photo looks like it steps out of a fairytale movie.  Credit to Noble Photo LLC.

Today’s entry is at first glance a simple one but yet it isn’t.  Somehow this looks like a great Hallmark card from a bride to her mom for giving her the most incredible day of her life.  Mother is kneeling and helping her daughter put on her shoes – something that I imagine she has done hundreds of times before in Rachel’s early years but suddenly brings great joy to the mom to do it again for Rachel on her wedding day.  It just exudes a very sweet and tender moment.  Then the visuals are so very well balanced and complete.  The curtains frame the subjects perfectly.  The muted greenery out of the window allows the window to be an accent piece.  The rug on the floor is actually Rachel’s rug that she brought and used here and on the stage later during the reception.  Simple can sometimes still win the day. The photographer was Eden Ingle Photo and her attention to detail was amazing in this gallery.

This photo looks completely and wonderfully staged and though it was a somewhat impromptu set up – it wasn’t a professional photo shoot with models and such.  Hannah’s love for all things Bohemian used these same collection of lanterns at the ceremony site and had them moved into the barn afterwards.  Initially. they were just set up on the stage then were quickly placed for this photo – with Hannah’s bouquet out in front to add the bit of floral that any good Bohemian photo needs to do.  All these funky lanterns  (love the frosty glass lanterns) and votives help give a romantic flair.  With the barn doors, the well centered curtains hanging from the doors, and their sweetheart table (with the “better together” signs) in the background gave a perfect framing for this shot.  Getting down on the barn floor (not just any bride would do this in her wedding dress) pulls this photo all together.  It would not have been near the impact had they been standing.  Their photographer, Honeyroot Photo and Film, did an awesome service for them as their full gallery is nothing short of amazing.  The unique tinting of all of her photos is one of  those – you either love or not – but it certain adds that something special to the photos.

It never hurts to have beautiful subjects when making an amazing photograph and Sophia and Robbie fit the bill.  They took many fun loving photos while on their journey around the farm with their photographer but quickly transitioned into a more intimate state of mind with this one.  I will say that not many couples or many photographers (not sure exactly which…or maybe both) can’t do this “veil over the bride/groom” photo well. Usually it looks too staged and often awkward.  I think doing a close up helped to eliminate any background and just allowed the delicate material of Sophia’s veil to do the magic.  The close up also gave notice to the detailing on her lacy dress;  his boutonniere which somehow still looked fresh at the end of the day; his well placed hand on her side; and what truly looks like a tender kiss.  Again, it only adds to the overall photo all of that great back lighting.  Kudos to Stephanie Richer Photography.

This is just an outside the box sort of photo.  It looks like it is stepping out of a modern day fairytale book.  As the photographer, Randi Vasquez Photography stated when she posted it on her facebook page, ” is it just me or is this bride like a much cooler version of Snow White?”  It is the unique combination of all sorts of things that make this a stand out: 1. Bride Kelly’s long black hair (and even her tatoo) creates a bit of mystical look, 2. the emerald green background adds the mood of a fairytale, 3. the bridal gown with its vintage flair, 4. Kelly’s eyes gazing away from the camera, and 5. the bold colors and textures of the bouquet.  This photo isn’t typical but it certainly plays to Kelly’s bohemian theme and also seems to reflect her unique style.

Ah, our cloverfields!  They are only around for a short period of time in the late April – early May.  We always suggest to our photographers to consider this area but it is only the adventuresome couples that will actually “go into the midst” which is usually what it takes to capture a really awesome photo.  Lauren and Josh actually went a step further and sat in the clover. Their photographer, Wonderly Creative, got the angle and tinting just right on this one.  First – it looks natural partly because there was no coaxing needed to get this couple down into the clover – they look  quite cozy and content as if they had snuck away from the wedding for a private kiss.  The red clover field, the mountains, and the sunset all come together as a perfect combo.

There are lots of reasons why I am drawn to this one but the biggest reason that it is on our list is that there it is such an odd mix of ‘items’ in this photo.  The stunning vintage couch with a bride and groom in a field with such a beautiful green backdrop would be stunning enough but not necessarily unusual.  Now – having all of that plus a goat – nope – not a goat but a herd of goats is a bit unusual.  I don’t know who came up with this thought – the bride, the photographer, or Jill….but for sure – it turned out as an eye catcher.  Take note that the goats aren’t taken back at the presence of strangers or a couch or a photographer – in fact, in goat fashion – they came up to greet and investigate.  I guess we are fortunate that the goats aren’t sitting on Liza’s lap.  I will also say that those churning clouds in the background are icing on the cake.  Congratulations to Anthony at Nashville Wedding Collection for capturing such a unusual photo.  He has gotten on the “Best of” lists every year that he shoots here.  Keep up the good work!

Lighting is often the key to success on any photograph.  Here the great back lighting showing off every little wildflower, grass stalks, stems, and leaves as if individually placed and staged.  This adds such interest, texture, and depth to the picture.  The groom and bride are doing their best to make the photo a stand-out, as well.  This laid back kiss looks effortless which is not always easy to do or easy to look so……  Photo by Ninja Shark Photography.

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