The Barn at High Point Farms

Austin and Ryan, like so many of our couples these days, were very busy with finishing school and balancing work and wedding planning and LIFE.  Austin contacted me early to handle Day of Coordinator, decorating, and all of her bouquets.  Through many emails and a few meetings, I got to know her, her style, and her vision for her wedding day.  She was wonderful to work with and with the help of some Pinterest pictures and such, we took a huge load off of her shoulders as we handled many of the details of wedding day.

With rain the week before and rain the day of her wedding, it often feels like a test of a bride’s spirit to deal with the thought of wedding day in rain.  It is what it is and all the fretting in the world can’t change it.  Austin, though surely a bit disappointed, was content with a plan B scenario.  The compensation for a rainy day is the amazing richness of hues that shows up in your photos plus just look at those clouds in the background.

Thinking that the bride might need a slight distraction so she isn’t thinking about the rain scenario, I popped into the farmhouse with one of our baby goats for a mini-visit with the bride and bridesmaids.  It seemed to be “just what the doctor ordered” as you can tell by her smile that she was tickled to have a little bit of goat cuddlin’ time!

Mauve has been a very popular color this year thus far.  It stands out beautifully with the rich green backdrop of the grass – doesn’t it?  HP Farms handled the bouquets (kudos to Jill – this is one of my favorite bouquets…truly unique!).

As the deadline approached for a final decision on the “inside or outside” ceremony question, the weather took a turn for the best and we were able to set up for the outdoor grove ceremony after all!

While guests are playing cornhole, feeding crackers to the goats, and have a bit of a break, it gives a bit of time for a few romantic photos.

The Tree Tunnel is one of the favorite locations.  Somehow this area just produces magic each time.

Say “Cheese!”  Don’t look now but I think that there are some photo hogs in the background!

With your wedding being one of your “high points” of your life, it is only fittin’ to stand in the hayfield in the shadow of High Point (the highest point of Lookout Mountain) for a photo.

The journey has just begun for them but with a tight family and a solid group of supportive friends, Austin and Ryan have a great treasure right off the bat.

Lots of vintage glassware, touches of purple vintage bottles, goblets, and votives, an array of farm flowers and a touch of elegance with those mauve roses all come together to make a very classy barn reception.  Even the rosemary sprigs atop the linen napkins not only raises the level of your reception but it makes the barn smell awesome!  This is simple elegance to a tee and all with the lavender accent to compliment the brides colors.

Some personal touches and a unique choice for a sign in – a whiskey barrel lid!  I think maybe they found it on Etsy but kudos for thinking outside the box and finding something neat.

The cakes were beautiful.  (Somebody help me remember who made these!). We displayed them in the dancehall which converted nicely as a dessert room.  With all of the frames on the back wall, it really makes for a beautiful photo on this long whiskey barrel bar.  The rustic influences and bits of greenery and succulents all play off of each other so it was both delicious and visually appealing – don’t you agree?

The evening continued with dancing and special moments.  I think the rain eventually came in but who cares.  Being in the barn with rain hitting the tin roof is always a cool experience.  It was a special evening for all with a wealth of memories (and great photos).  Congratulations to Austin and Ryan and thank you for being part of our farm history!

~ Margie

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