The Barn at High Point Farms

I admit, this is one of the best galleries as a whole collection, that I have seen.  When the bride, Rachel, sent me the full gallery link to look at, she warned me that there were over 4000 pictures to go through.  She was correct….but more is certainly better than less.  I found it very very challenging to pick a few….and luckily Eden of Eden Ingle Photo was generous to let me pick what I wanted…..so let me show you some of my favorites here.

Eden captured many tender and special moments with Rachel and her mom while prepping earlier in the day at the farmhouse.

I love it when even the bridesmaids get an early reveal….and wait to see the bride until she is totally dressed and ready.  Also, when a bride and groom do an early reveal, it ends up being a very different and intimate experience where they can relish this moment – just the two of them without being on stage in front of a hundred guests.

Ultra cute photo of Rachel and her bridesmaids in the farmhouse once everybody was ready.

Great variety of venue photos from about every angle possible.

How beautiful their wedding ceremony was….don’t you like the rug pathway?

Bridal party photos.

They took advantage of so many of our various gardens.  It is so hard to pick my favorite here.

Then they headed towards the pasture to meet and greet the animals.  Looks like Rachel got some horse kisses!  The goat certainly were photo hogs but they make the backdrop unique.

Plenty of romantic photos.

This was a great selection for a location to showcase the bouquet.

Everyone moved inside….and it was all breathtaking inside too.

The bride and groom were certainly happy.

How can my vintage sofa look any better?…add a beautiful bridal bouquet on it.

As evening begins to fall, out for a few more photos.

Jarrod leaned Rachel back for a romantic kiss at their final send off.

~ Margie

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