The Barn at High Point Farms

I remember meeting Autumn and Ryan a year ago when they toured. Why I remember is because it came up in conversation that she was a teacher and he was a policeman in the Atlanta area.  Turns out Ryan knows my nephew who is also a policeman in the Atlanta area.  Even stranger, my nephew’s wife is a teacher.  What a small world!

I later found out the Autumn wanted me to handle decorating for her and wedding coordinator so my journey had just begun to get to know her a bit more so that I could decorate specifically “for her.”  Autumn had few demands and we worked through each of the details of design, layout, and theme.  She  definitely wanted to use my vintage books but also wanted a romantic feel to things.  With Pinterest and a slew of pictures from some of my past decorating projects, it was easy for her to select some choices.

Her colors were white, ivory, blush with accents of burgundy.  She wanted a slight elegant feel with lots of candles.  Jill is the master with the flowers and her flower garden produces an amazing variety of dahlias – among other things – so the vision was easy to fill.

Autumn did not want a bridal party table but a sweetheart table.  She also didn’t want to be “on stage” so we came up with the plan to place their sweetheart table in middle of the barn with the multitude of guests around them………and make the table as special as you can.

With a “teacher theme” gift area, a hand-made sign in board made by Jonathan himself, a coffee and cocoa station, and a favors table (with jellies and jams)….we were decorating the barn inside and out and in all corners.

When it came to the cake table – Autumn opted for a dessert smorgasbord.  This area – she was hoping for a shabby chic look which means lots of lace and lots of vintage wares.  She chose Sugar Chic Bakery, one of our preferred vendors, so there was an assortment of cake and bars of all sorts.  it made a beautiful and delicious spread for her event (and for her guests delight).

The bridal bouquet touting some of those awesome dahlias from Jill’s flower garden.

The wedding ceremony in the grove was dreamy.  It was a perfect day.  She wanted lights and lanterns hung from the tree, and though there was too much light for the lights to glow – it still gave a beautiful effect all the same.

Autumn was a beautiful bride and her dress was so unique.  It was a very pale blush with lots of varied layers so it bounced and flowed at every opportunity.

She certainly looked like she stepped right out of a fairytale storybook.

After the ceremony, time for some photos around the venue.  Ya’ gotta do the swing.

Hillside is a must.

A vintage couch always makes an impression.

Autumn wanted a baby goat photo.

and…..this is what happens when the goat hollers for Moma….

Time for a first dance – there she goes twirling again!

~ Margie


  • Karen Duncan
    January 2, 2019

    A beautiful fairy tale wedding celebration for our beautiful granddaughter. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for everyone who came to be a part of this very special day with Autumn and Ryan.

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