The Barn at High Point Farms

It just seems like no matter what bride, which bridal gown, what age, and even what body shape – when I first see our brides step out of the Farmhouse in their wedding gown it takes my breath away.  Part of it is just knowing how special of a day this is for her, part of it is knowing that so many of her dreams are coming true on this day, and some of it is just knowing that this woman feels beautiful today – and she is!  I would have a difficult time picking my favorite bridal gown……so let must showcase a gallery of a few of my favorites.

This is Liza (photo by The Wedding Collection).  With an August wedding, this was truly a smart choice but also a very classic and elegant one.  From all sides – this gown gets high votes from me!

This is Kristina – another summer bride who found a dress that was going to be very comfortable without sacrificing the wow factor. (Photo by Ninja Shark Photography.)

A veil this long has a very short term duty – stunning photos and a walk down the aisle…but it is amazing, don’t you think?  This is Hannah (photo by Honeyroot Photography).

This is Autumn – you can just tell that she feels beautiful – as a bride should.  This gown was so unusual…not quite pink and not quite taupe, very airy so it flowed (and spun) easily, it had layers and layers of varying lengths of material which gave it a great shape and allowed that slight bouncy effect – plus it had a hint of shimmer to it which also means that you can slightly hear the material when she moves.  (Photo by Macy O’Connell Photography.)

Brit’s dress looks like she has stepped back into Medieval times (like from the movie Ever After with Drew Barrymore) with a very romantic vintage flair that fits her intent to a tea.  Even her interestingly placed veil (do you still call it a veil when it isn’t near the face?) works perfectly with the whole look too.  (Photo by Susan Frankly Photography.)

LeAnna’s dress also had an impressive train to it but also had a striking bodice dip and very intricate flowers motifs on her shoulders.  (Photos by Imago Photography.)

Cady had a boho vibe going on with lots of lace and layers – love the off-the-sleeve look on her too.  (Photo by Alex Dimmer Photography.)

And…you don’t see this very often…..a mid-calf length wedding gown.  Surely this is referred to as Retro. It certain was a unique look and gave great flow as she bee-bopped around the farm with her wedding day activities.  (Photo by Bri Sanders Photography.)

Kelly found a way to accomplish two looks.  For the pre-ceremony, ceremony, and many of those romantic photos – she touted this vintage elegant off the shoulder gown. (As her photographer stated, she has that Snow White in the forest vibe going on.)  As the sun began to set and the temperatures began to drop, she wore this Bohemian inspired wrap that ended up giving her a whole new twist to her wedding photos. (Photos by Randi Vasquez Photography.)

I could go on and on – many many beautiful gowns that transforms our brides into works of art.  Finding just the right gown for you is key….no matter what style, long or short, pink or white, lace or silk, vintage looking or hand-me-down.  You do want to look and feel beautiful…but ya know – it isn’t about the dress….it is about the groom/the marriage/the love.



  • December 19, 2018

    Angela and I loved your venue. Too many photos ops. Can’t wait to take more photos there.

    Greg Beasley

  • Kristy Rauscher
    December 19, 2018

    awwwww… mine didn’t make the cut 🙁 Our wedding was the most amazing thing ever though still. Thank you for all of the hard work you put in to making every bride’s day thee best day.

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