The Barn at High Point Farms

The wedding of Kelly and Tyler was one of our more unique weddings for sure.  Her Bohemian style was apparent in every aspect of her wedding event. She had opinions and influences on each aspect and she remained true to her vision.

Starting with her bridal gown choices, it have a vintage lace look to it, a slew of buttons down the back, and a stunning train that enhanced many of her photos.  The photos above are amazing by allowing the intensity of the colors (both the chair and the bouquet) create a stark contrast with her dress.

Speaking of her bouquet, it was very colorful with a large assortment of different flowers and textures.  Kudos to Grafe Studio for facilitating this vision.

Not only do these bridesmaid dresses contribute to the Bohemian look, this photo location adds to the vibe perfectly.  Lighting, positioning, spacing, location, and backdrop all play into creating a great photo.

On Randi Vasquez Photography’s posting of the picture above (immediate left), she remarked. “Is it just me or is this bride like the much cooler bridal version of Snow White!?”   I wholeheartedly agree.

The ceremony was in the grove with packs of colorful roses – ya know that kind that has the burnt red, orange, and gold all in one rose kind – spread along the pathway like a colorful rug.

Of course they made time to visit the goat.  Tyler seemed quite content to hold this little one.

If you haven’t figured it out by name, Kelly loves color – all sorts of rich bright colors.  When we met about her design ideas, she asked if I thought I had enough colored glass.  I think I surprised her with the quantity that I had but I also pulled out some of my vintage goblets which fit right in with all of the other glassware.  Coupled with an assortment of colored napkins and gold silverware – it was Boho through in through.  As pretty as the tables looked as it, the addition of brightly colored flowers in them set them off even more.

The cake table was going to display her three layers individually.  I wonder if the price is cheaper when sold separately like this?  It certainly made it easier to cut and with all of this cute blingy cakeware – the presentation is stunning.  The succulent topper makes a nice accent – so too, all of those brightly color roses petals along the bottom…..love this picture!

Sunset arrives and time to head back out for a few more photos.  The hayfield with its whispy hay stems give great texture to this picture but the burnt sky line behind them certainly sets the stage for this sweet photo.  It was smart of Kelly to bring a wrap for a fall wedding.  In this case, her shawl turns into a beautiful asset to the photo.

Here is an unusual and very creative photo that the photographer made somehow.

With a comfy seating area on the patio with some of my vintage furniture and the dance music playing in the dancehall, there was a place for all to be.  Barn doors close up to keep the barn warm.


~ Margie

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