The Barn at High Point Farms

Guest arrive, drop off their gift, then approach a sign-in table.  What sort of sign-in do you want to greet them or to record the names of your attending guests?  It could be as simple as a plain book for signatures.  But why not consider a slew of other more interesting choices?

A photo book is an easy option to consider and is certainly an upgrade to just a plain book.  By adding photos of the engaged couple, it brings an element of interest to your guests as they look through your book.  Often with a line up of guests awaiting to sign, it is often a bit problematic that they don’t actually have time to flip through most of the photos, but a photo book is something that you would keep which makes this a consideration.

Some couples either order and often make their own personalized signs.  This certainly adds a special touch because it is personal.  Again, this is a keepsake that can adorn the walls for years.

One couple re-created a music band advertisement from their dating days onto a canvas that became a sign in.  This was super cool as it brought a flood of memories both of their dating years along with their wedding day so I am sure it has remained an heirloom for their house.

One couple had guests from around the globe so what better to have as a sign in method was to purchase an old school globe and have guests sign their names and pinpoint where they are from.  The whole haywagon transformed into a travel theme to complete the look.

This couple did two different sign ins.  First was where each guest wrote their name on a tiny wooden heart and dropped it into a thin glass box that collected all of the hearts.  Secondly, they brought a Bible and asked their guests to write their name in  the Bible alongside their favorite verse.  Forevermore, when they skim through their Bible, they will be reminded of the friends who shared in the joy of their wedding.

This whiskey barrel lid turned personalized sign was a unique approach to the subject.  It also fits well into our barn venue since we have several whiskey barrels around the venue.

Date night ideas, anyone?  This approach may save the future groom from the lack of creativity.  Ideas are just what he made need!

Everybody loves polaroids.  Having guests take polaroid photos of each other is a cute way to get not only names of their guests but pictures of them too.  My only suggestion is to consider having one of  your friends oversee taking the photos at least for a bit.  Often some of the older crowd is shy about taking their own photos.

There are quite a few vendors around that bring their own cute display – like this vintage VW van which is dubbed a “photo bug.”  What’s not to like about jumping into this van, grab some accessories, and have your photo taken?

Bucket List?  This offers an opportunity for guests to suggest a wide range of ideas on place to go, to do, and to visit.  This might not be a bad option especially this year.  With all that guests have dealt with Covid and an altered life, you might get some new perspective on what somebody’s wish list would contain.

What would you write down on a card for this?  I think we have all learned that life is short, circumstances may change, choices may alter, so grab the gusto and don’t delay on some of those dreams.  I wanted to see the Grand Tetons one more time so despite my very careful quarantining for months, my husband and I ventured off this summer to see them.   I am so glad that we did.  It was not only a refreshing of the soul to be there but I will say that it was somewhat of a spiritual moment to stand beneath the grandeur of such a stunning mountain.

~ Margie

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