The Barn at High Point Farms

I thought I would showcase this wedding of Liza and Sam who had their wedding in August of this year.

It was all captured in photos by The Nashville Wedding Collection who is one of our favorite photographers….they never cease to amaze us with their stunning galleries.

You can easily tell that Liza had an awesome day….being with friends and family………

She had some very tasty food served for her guests……..

HP Farms handled her table decor – all simply done but with an eloquent twist.

By using our freebie decor stash and mostly fresh farm picked flowers – we were able to save her some money and STILL get that simple elegant look.

The ceremony was in the grove of course.

Liza was stunning – from the moment the doors of the barn opened and her presence was first seen.

HP Farms created her bouquet.

The bridal gown was a great choice for her.  It obviously looked amazing on her, but this was August so choosing the right dress was extra important.  Fabric was cool and it was so flowing that it surely was cooler than most.  The dress looked beautiful even hanging on the door………

in all of her bridal photos in the field

and just look at the train….

The ceremonies within the grove just feels so intimate.

They allotted lots of time for romantic photos.

There seemed to be magic in every part of the farm.

If these aren’t amazing enough – let’s add a vintage couch.

If these aren’t amazing enough – let’s add twin baby goats!

And……if these aren’t amazing enough – let’s add a herd of goats!!!

Not just any couple is up for this (nor just any photographer)……

but soon, the whole herd got curious and came around.

but Liza and Sam didn’t seem to care – they were in their own little world.

but with guests waiting, food to eat, dancing on the schedule….time to move on.

Liza and Sam – dancing the night away – with memories to last a lifetime.

~ Margie

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