The Barn at High Point Farms

We are super duper excited that we made one of the top tier bridal magazines featured articles of a wedding we hosted last fall of Amy and Matt by Kelly Berry Photography.

We have been fortunate to be picked for various honors or rankings on several online magazines or online bridal sites which we are tickled about – always…..but there is just something extra special about being in print.  Even better, to get several pages and to be represented so well.

It was certainly a wedding to remember in many aspects which I am sure is why it was chosen. The bride was living in California which made planning this event more challenging than most.  We were hired to coordinate and decorate for this wedding and I knew from the get-go that this one would be both fun and nerve-wracking all in one.  The expectations that Amy had in me were tremendous — to create a very Boho vibe that was as creative as she is, as one-of-a-kind as she is, that entailed all of the specific Boho accents that she loves like brass and colored bottles and such….and to in essence – make this as amazing as her mind envisioned it.  Pressure pressure, huh?

This is what I do so I knew that I could make it happen.  Despite the pressure, it was fun making it all come together.  Vintage glass goblets, cloches with moss and bird nests, rich crimson glass bottles and brass accents, and all sorts of flower accents – all playing off of each other.  But first….let me go into all of the great choices that Amy made far beyond the tables and decor ideas.

The dress ~

Her gown by Anna Skoblikova was made of a very soft billowy type material that flowed so nicely on Amy whether posing for photos or dancing.  It was a very pale and smoky blue/purple.  Between Amy’s very dark black hair set in a braid and the look of this dress with its very long veil, she looked like she came straight out of a medieval fairy-tale movie.

~Be willing to go to plan B.

Beyond that, Amy knew the weather might be chilly so she wore a very deep purple mini jacket for some earlier photo ops…..but she even opted to wear the jacket even down the aisle though she had originally had no intention of but it was a stunning duo and was just another reason that set this wedding as unique among the others.

~ Delegate

There are so many decisions and details that must be addressed for a typical wedding.  It is very smart to delegate much of these to others whether that is your mother, a maid of honor, an Event Planner, or well-picked various vendors.  Amy had her mother who was local herself to help with some of the decisions and follow-ups, me to help with all things venue, and she lined up some of our great vendors.  You just gotta know which decisions to release to others.  Amy’s mom was an even keel and kept things on track.

~ Food

Amy picked most of her vendors from our Preferred Vendor list.  This helps because you know that they are tried and true but it also means that you don’t have to oversee them much since they know our venue well.  Amy selected one of our great caterer’s, Julianne’s Kitchen, plus she got Clumpies Ice Cream to bring their ice cream cart for an added dessert option.  Ice cream is always a crowd favorite.

Amy ordered her cake and cupcakes from Publix – yes Publix the grocery store.  Amazing as that sounds, their cakes and cupcakes are made fresh and are delicious.  Though we dressed up in Boho style her cake table more from a photo op stand point – if you look further back in the picture you can see a whole long table full of all sorts of cupcakes.  Guests did not go home hungry from this wedding, that is for sure.

~ Guest Count

Her guest count was under a hundred which keeps the event much more low key and personable – it just does.  No long lines at the buffet tables and no challenge to make the rounds to greet people and connect.

~ Vision and Theme

When working with us on a theme and decorating, I always get the brides to share a pinterest board/photos and to describe some of the key elements that are important to them.  I remember Amy telling me right off the bat, “I am not traditional at all when it comes to weddings – no cutting of the cake (though scooping ice cream sounds fun), no bouquet toss or garter toss.”  Key is to  not get too overwhelmed with Pinterest – share a dozen photos but don’t let it consume you.  Those photos above certainly conveyed Amy’s decor style.

~ Bring a few personal items

Amy initially had plans for several projects to bring to the wedding.  This is often a desire for brides but time just gets consumed. Don’t commit to too much.  That said, bringing some personal items always adds a wonderful touch to a wedding event.  Amy had some awesome brass table numbers, a few birdcages that she wanted to have hung in the grove, and she made this beautiful photo display (above) to represent and honor so many loved ones who were deceased. This was a precious project.

~ Get a talented photographer

A talented photographer can make the mundane items (like your programs, let’s say) look beautiful, they can find a great photo angle that somehow reveals your soulfulness, they can capture the deep relationships visually of those closest to you, they can bring the memory of the most amazing day of your life back instantly at a look, they can make the most out of the details of your venue, and as your new adventure begins, it lets you relive this awesome day.

~ Have fun

Have fun, be yourself, think outside the box, enjoy the day.  You never know when one of your crazy ideas (photo shoot out in the goat pasture) will get noticed by a bridal magazine!

~ You and Him

Ultimately remember, it is all about you and him.  You love each other and you are getting married.  Rain or shine, whether the cupcakes were tasty or not, whether you forgot to bring a cake knife, or your flower girl dropped any petals or not….it is all about love – and getting hitched….remember that.

Kudos to Amy for making so many good decisions.  The wedding was stunning from beginning to end and I am confident that not only Amy & Matt but their family and guests too, all had a wonderful time at the farm that day.  It was a real life fairy-tale wedding in many ways and I am sure that that Amy & Matt are living happily ever after.


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