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Pinterest – who doesn’t love it?  The ideas and inspirations that we see from fellow viewers is really nothing short of amazing.  As related to your wedding day, it can have so many benefits as you try to envision each aspect of your wedding; the hair, the gown, the colors, the venue, the ceremony, reception tables, etc.

As wonderful as Pinterest is – face it – it has some pros and some cons as well.

Let me start with the pros.

  1.  When you need inspiration – Pinterest has it.  They say a picture paints a thousand words – and it is true.  If you flip through a dozen various table decoration pictures then there is a good chance that you will “know it when you see it.”    
  2.   Once you have your table decorations theme decided, there are enough varieties of the same theme that allows you to tweak the look to fit your vision, your flower choices, or your budget.        For example – if you want simple elegance for your tables you can see a multitude of variations – with or without doilies – using just clear bottles or maybe infusing milkglass or mercury glass – utilizing simple flowers like babies breath or infusing stunning florals.    
  3.   Pinterest can also open up your eyes to possibilities that you didn’t even know was out there.  Once you start down the rabbit trail of Pinterest, you come across a whole new world of ideas!  Who knew, for example, that there were so many potential ways to infuse tradition into your ceremony?     (sand, rope ties, tree planting, log sawing, foot washing, tea serving, time capsule box, and more)        

Now, let me mention just a few cons – just to tamper the full fledged support that I have for Pinterest.

  1.  It is addictive and can consume a lot of your time – and time is a valuable resource for any bride.  Don’t let it consume you.
  2.  More is not always better.  Sometimes your wedding pinterest page sudden goes from twenty pins to hundreds.  At each new set of pins, it can lead you into doubt and indecision.  The ideas all looks so good – how can you possible choose just one or two?  Then, what should be a fun process of making your wedding “you” turns into a stomach wrenching process of trying to find the one and only “perfect” choice.  Avoid the anxiety that comes with too many pins.
  3.   Pinterest can often make you feel like your wedding will never be “good enough” i.e. “Pinterest-enough”, so don’t fall into the trap of unrealistic expectations.  Focus on what is important for your day and avoid the pitfalls.

A few interesting notes on Pinterest.  Many people will say that coming to the farm is to see Pinterest come alive – so no wonder that I do pin a lot and post a lot.  Do you want to see some of my most infamous pins?  First up – a post that I pinned when Pinterest first come online…of our vintage wheelbarrow flower pot.

Then one of our brides – maybe even the second year of our business – had a cute cupcake presentation…and believe it or not – that was when having cupcakes instead of a wedding cake was considered a new idea!  To this day, though, this picture is pinned a lot.

For a more recent pin, this one by Caressa Rogers is of “a new approach to dessert” where having donuts is the latest.  These donut stackers were made very easily with boards and wooden dowels.  It apparently has caught on because it is one of my current hot pins.

Don’t let this blog squelch your desire for Pinterest, just don’t let it own you.  Use it for some help but don’t let it ruin your fun.


~ Margie

Be sure and check out my The Barn at High Point Farms Pinterest page if you need more inspiration.



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