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The Farm Blog will be the place to get great information, new ideas, and the “Best of the Best” sort of pictures.  We have a new blog contributor, Emily Phillips, who will be posting once a month – information from a brides perspective.  I will be also sharing tidbits and photos from our weddings that might give you ideas and suggestions that will help you in your planning process….like my next blog will be about Pinterest Pictures – coming soon.

Caressa Rogers Photography


I have shifted our Wedding Photo Gallery to our Photos Page linked here on our website making it much easier to find and see the collections in one place.

Holt Webb Photography


And…if pictures are your thing…..we keep our very best on various pages on our own website plus a grouping of them on our Gallery page.


J. Blanche Photography


As always – I would love to hear comments from you.  I regularly hear from brides (and even the mom’s) who say, “I have read every page of your website and keep up with your blogs.”  By commenting – it let’s me know what you are thinking, reaffirm some of these great ideas, and let’s me feel like I am talking to you personally.  This is all to be helpful to you so I hope that it is.

In His Images


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