The Barn at High Point Farms

After a harsh winter and some late frosts, it is so awesome to see the bounty of flowers blooming around the farm.

All of these irises are at all around my mom’s house.  Her favorites were the whites that bloom twice a year.

That said – she was known for her amazing heritage double bloom pink poppies.  I can remember them when I was a youngster and her friends remember her always sharing those seeds with them throughout the years.

and…..we have a bunch of them that are almost ready to bloom – just waiting on Mother’s Day!

But we have branched out with more colors of poppies – the California varieties.

Aren’t these white and pink ones gorgeous?  Delicate yes – no wonder you can’t get these easily through wholesales – these would be a challenge to ship.

I even love the pods before the bloom arrives.  They look magical somehow.

This is only a sampling of what is blooming.  We have morphed into more of a flower farm….especially in our gardens.  So the bounty is everywhere – love it!  Come and enjoy.

~ Margie


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