Long Awaited Gallery For Agam & Eric by Brian Wagoner Photography

A beautiful day last fall for a special couple….so special that they had “2” weddings….one to represent his heritage and the following day – to reflect hers.

This one was the epitome of a simple elegant wedding.  Agam loves her flowers, as you will soon see.  That was an important aspect of this wedding….simplicity and elegance yes, but to allow those stunning blooms to speak for themselves – to be the stunning effect on tables and in the decor.

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2018 Freebie Stash Update

During each winter, we go through our Freebie Stash and access what is left, what we want to keep, and what we want to replace.  Let me give you a bit of a sampling.

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Various Table Decor From 2017

Each wedding looks different – nothing cookie cutter (hallelujah!).  Nothing highlights that better than looking at the various table decor choices used by our 2017 brides.

(1)  Lanterns are always popular – more so in the fall but in fact – all year long.  As you can see even here – there is a great variety of looks even between those using lanterns.

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A Gallery of Bridal Gowns of 2017

I thought you would enjoy seeing a sampling of our 2017 brides’ wedding gowns.  There is a nice variety of them.  They too are a way for the bride to be herself – to reflect her vision of the day.  We saw several colored gowns.   Some had zillions of buttons up the back (love that look) and some were simple but very comfortable and flowing gowns.  So….words aside……let a picture paint a thousand words.  Which one would you want?


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From 2017 – A Variety of Sign-In Methods

It is always interesting to see various ways that our brides make their weddings unique.  Sometimes this is decorating, sometimes it is their unusual sign in choices, sometimes it their timeline approach, etc….so let me share a few of them.  This post will highlight the various ways brides choose to handle their Sign-In method.

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