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farm kitchen expanded kitchen

I have been busy in project mode since late January turning the brick house on the farm into On-Site Lodging plus “Day of Usage”.  The home was my late mother’s house so this process has been a very emotional yet therapeutic process.  I am on the home-stretch with a finish target date of Memorial Day – May 25, 2015.  There are many of you who have been anxious to see the progress and I am now ready to begin showing some teaser photos and revealing some of my results.

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The Knot Posts One of Our Weddings – “A Casual Vintage Wedding”

vintage wedding

We are always tickled when one of the internet wedding sites pick up one of our brides photos.  We are especially thrilled when it is one as prestigious as “The Knot.”  We will hope in anticipation when the day comes that they cover us in their wedding magazine – glory be what a day that will be!  Yes, it is great to get the publicity as we get the opportunity to showcase our farm.  But it is icing on the cake to demonstrate how each of our brides – each of our weddings take on a unique flair all special to them – as it should be!  Each of our brides are attracted to the features of our farm and barn….and that part of it is the common thread but each bride visions it in different ways….whether in style (vintage, rustic, elegant), or in color scheme, or in vendors, or in location of the ceremony, and much more.  We love seeing the variety and for sure it is one of our “foundational pillars” to give our brides as much flexibility as possible so that she can indeed “make this wedding her own.”

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New Rustic Arbor


We have a new arbor on the property that will give our brides another option for their ceremony site.  We pondered….we imagined…..we considered our options and our locations…..we debated over our materials and our vegetation choices…..and we now have built this very beautiful and rustic arbor situated on the northeast side of the lawn.  Cedar logs were our “post of choice” since we wanted a real natural look for it – no railroad ties or 6×6 chunks of lumber would do. For the top, we even found some moss covered log limbs.   Dimension wise –  The posts are about 11 feet apart in the front and it is almost 5 feet deep from front post to back posts.  We have Confederate Jasmine vine planted on the posts which produces beautiful white blossoms later on.  Being a southern girl, I just love to say “Confederate Jasmine” – love the way it rolls off of my tongue as I stretch out each syllable.  The vine has been tickled to have all of this rain – so surely it will begin creeping up the arbor before long.  We also planted groupings of river birch trees on either side – ya’ know the kind that have the chippy bark?  We still have a few grasses to plant but that will be done this week.

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Bohemian Trend

Bohemian Trend Weddings

Each year I see new wedding trends that begin to take hold.  I see these on the major internet wedding sites, on the pinterest boards, and even here at the farm as brides talk to us about their decorating wishes.  It is always interesting to see these new ideas and how they are implemented from bride to bride.  What I have noticed this winter is more of an interest in the Bohemian trend weddings.  Don’t be surprised if you find some of these ideas appealing and you decide to weave in a couple of them here and there.

bohemian tent

From Pinterest

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Recognition on “The Knot.Com”

We are always excited to see when one of our weddings get picked up by one of the major wedding sites.  Today we got notified that TheKnot.com has included one of our 2014 weddings –  of Jennifer and Bryan (by Katey Penton Photography).

bride and groom in garden 

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On-Site Lodging

life comes in phases and so do projects. As one door has closed, another door opens. 2015 sees changes that will provide more options for our brides and their day.
With my mother’s passing in fall 2014, it has presented a decision over what purpose I had for her home.  We have reviewed our various needs and have come up with a solution and a game plan.
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A Tribute To My Mom – Ditto

fourteen months ago, I posted the following tribute to my mother on this blog.  I felt it fitting to repost it again.  My mother passed away a week before Thanksgiving (2 weeks ago) so her memory, her funeral, and her special attributes are all so fresh in my mind.
Let me share again with you the post:
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The Farm Approach

  we are a family farm wedding venue – we are.  When we began this adventure four years ago, there were no pretenses.  Our barn didn’t have the sleek look of those yankee barns…there were no white fence lined driveways….no horse carriages parked in the barn.
We took the approach to embrace what we were which was a family farm….run by our family to yours….with a simple barn that we knew we could dress up.  It has been interesting – maybe a bit daunting – and often amusing to see so many wedding barns pop up since we began…places that struggle to find their identity partly because they are copying an idea instead of doing what they know.
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Kimberly and Trevor – A Garden Wedding

   Kimberly had a very clear vision of what her wedding day would be like.  She had her collection of pinterest pictures to help convey this very garden theme influence.  It was so much fun building on her wishes to create this backdrop for her.
Trevor, the groom, is military (obviously) and it was important for this to play an important role too.  He in his uniform, Kimberly’s maid in blue striped dresses, and a special American flag hung on the barn celebrated and honored his service.
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Rankin/Gestosani Wedding

  What a what wedding this was and such a wonderful couple to get to know.  You can tell by this photo that this couple just has sass….attitude……and here to have a great time making memories.
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