Can A Wedding Be This Much Fun? (Wedding of Megan and Nate by Nathan M. Bivens Photography)

As I looked over the gallery from this wedding, I noticed that there were an abundance of photos showing Megan and Nate in a full throttle belly achin’ laugh.  Who knew that a wedding day could be so much fun?  It takes a special couple to be so at ease – so laid back to handle the chaos of the day – to have such a fun wedding day.

Ceremony in the grove.  Before people – and after people arrive.  What a beautiful backdrop.  The big old pecan tree is so majestic and a grove wedding just feels more intimate somehow.


Now – does this guy look nervous?  Having second thoughts?  Nope.  Nate looks not only calm and collected but almost giddy.  Megan walked gracefully down the aisle but her expression looked more like she was leaping down the aisle to get to Nate.  The preacher did an amazing job of being both personal and sincere….but it was full of quips and humor and made us all feel like we had an inside track to their wonderful love story.



This is one happy couple who are having the time of their life…and who likely live their life much this way!

So…while guests begin to head to the buffet table, off we all went (bride, groom, photographer, and me) to all corners of the farm for some photos ops.  I can’t say enough complimentary things about photographer, Nathan M. Bivens and his talent – his eye for finding that right angle of the sun – and his ability to capture a feeling.  That said….a gorgeous bride makes his job a lot easier…and Nate – well, he is a cutie too, don’t you think?

These are little masterpieces….so stunning.  It isn’t every bride who is willing to tight rope into the creek bed on a little rock island to take a photo….but Megan was up for any challenge.  Any time that the photographer would instruct the couple for a angle where they needed to look at each other….they would follow the instruction but their eyes would light up and you knew that “the look” that they gave each other was real and true.

Our vintage couch has been pictured in many areas around the farm…but I think I might like this one best.  The shade of the tree tunnel keeps the colors nice and rich and the softness of the woodsy feel makes it look as though they are in the middle of the forest – just the two of them.


And of course….you wouldn’t expect just any ordinary “first dance” from this couple….nope, nada.  After a quick wardrobe change up into something more comfortable – Megan and Nate entertained all with a cute dance compilation that they performed with ease.


And to keep things unique – they opted for a “donut tower” filled with a large assortment of donuts.  No wedding cake or cupcakes for them…..and it was a crowd pleaser as well!  They did a ceremonial “cut the donut” and “stuff the donut down your spouses throat” then laughed a good ole belly laugh afterwards!

Photographer Nathan M. Bivens captured a truly amazing photo of the barn that night.  Some voodoo magic with his lens created this spectacular effect which he so graciously shared with me and now it showcases on our website.  Like it?


The rest of the evening was filled with much dancing with a host of happy friends and family.  The laughter continued through sparkler send off.  More smiles and more smiles.


And….as I reflect back and remember the day – I think to myself….(and to you guys)….I think I will bank on this couple having a long and happy marriage full of lots and lots of laughter!


Sophisticated (Andy & Melody – by Joe and Selah Photography)

The wedding of Melody and Andy took on a different vibe from the get-go. Both had input on all aspects of their wedding day – which I admit isn’t typical but definitely not rare.  It was easy to see that this wedding day would be planned different than most.  Each vendor – each detail was so purposeful on what they wanted – a simple but very sophisticated event for a close knit group of family and friends.

Melody wanted to come enjoy the farmhouse – being pampered for hours and hanging out with her best friends.  Your wedding day should be just as  you like…so that at least one day is fully your own.

Andy did very little primping – he always maintained a very stylish look no matter when I met up with him.  He is a photographer – can’t remember if by hobby or by profession – so he is definitely into the “details” and his role was to browse around to make sure that all of those details were just so.

The reception was an elegant event.  It was a farm to table type meal where guests remained at their tables and servers brought them bowls of specialty foods to pass.  The tables were simply decorated with a variety of greenery and white flowers in gold vases.  The touch of fern stem on the napkin always adds a stylish flair to a table setting.  The family style dining just encourages more conversation between the guests as they pass the food around the table.


Melody’s wedding gown was a simple a-line gown but had this elegant beading on it.  With her slender body, she looked ready for the runway.  Those beautiful and intricate buttons lined up in the back always look stunning.  She transformed into the princess she always hoped she could be.

The wedding ceremony was simple and intimate – no foo-foo streamers or hanging mason jars – just embracing the beauty of the grove and a touch of greenery on the chairs to continue the theme.  Andy was overwhelmed at seeing Melody coming down the aisle (love it when that happens) and you could tell that he was so wanting to please her with each detail of the day coming to fruition.

Photographers Joe and Selahhttp://( were new to the farm but they too enjoyed their day looking for unique ways to showcase the dresses, shoes, programs, rings, and more.  Then after the ceremony, we were off in my golf cart to venture a bit further for some special photo ops.

And….surprise, surprise….you can never be to presumption about people.  Guess who wanted to take a picture with the goat?

Yep – it was them.  So even a simple and sophisticated event can include a baby goat picture…because on wedding day – you want to have this day just as you have dreamed it….and more.



Sunflower Summer Wedding (Phillip and Aubree by Imago Photography)

Nothing says summer wedding like a batch of large golden sunflowers in your bouquet.  The wedding of Phillip and Aubree had a wedding theme centered around these beautiful flowers and wow…..they do pack a punch into every single photo that they are in!  These two lovebirds were just fun to watch.  Young love – remember how you looked when you were so madly in love?…if you can’t quite remember….look at the expressions on this couples faces.  Precious!

There was such attention given to every detail of this wedding…and it shows.  Smart choice to allow your groomsmen to go jacket-less and to dress your girls in cute but comfortable bridesmaid dresses.  The pretty deep royal blue dresses just served to showcase again these beautiful flowers.

The wedding ceremony was in the grove and decorated to a tee.  A sweet symbolic “tie the knot” ceremony painted a good picture for all the guest of how interwoven you are as man and wife.

We meandered all over the farm with the photographer, Tim, with Imago Photography to capture some beautiful farm shots.  They never grew tired of finding those out of the way spots to take a photograph.

I love this sparkler shot!

Another beautiful wedding and a sweet couple has been married here at the farm.

Watch this awesome video of their special day.  Thanks to Alex Marshall Productions for sharing this video…I cry through all of these! And…I love love the drone shots – it really highlights our beautiful valley!

Beautiful Inside and Out – By Howell Photography

Yep – some people are just born beautiful and Kara and Chris fit the bill on this statement.  Maybe they were late bloomers though….. or quite possibly they were cutie-patooties from day one!  But for the short period of time that I was around this couple, it was so amazing to feel like they were just as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

It seemed like a perfect day for a wedding.  The grass was green and air crisp and a bounty of smiles on everyone who came early to prepare.

This is the look that a groom wants to see on his sweet bride as she comes down the aisle towards him.  This is the look that a bride wants to see greeting her as she is walking towards him.  Frankly – the look can say it all….and these pictures do an excellent job at capturing that look – don’t you agree?

Howell Photography created a very beautiful and artistic shot below with the wedding rings set beside a vintage tin full of succulents.  I love the colors and details and even the blurring of the background.



And beautiful Kara – our greenhouse never looked so good!

Pictures That Make You Want To Smile

Great wedding pictures where the couple smiled from start to finish.  Just happy people who showed their love for each other all over their faces but also just seemed to have a fun time with their friends and family too!  No stress for this couple!

Photographers always love this angle because it showcases the views around the farm and you even get a glimpse of the barn as the celebration continues even though the bride and groom have sneaked away for a few intimate photos.

The “kids” and the kids stole the show!

Then….there is always a good “steamy photo” in the batch… this one!



Military Blues – Wedding of Sabrina and Jaylen (SHINE Photography)

Sabrina was one of those “military brides in waiting” where their lives were on hold while waiting for enough leave to do a wedding.  This wedding was planned on the cuff as the opportunity arose.  Many details to be worked out but the date was set.  These military couples just have a bit of my heart.  Not only am I grateful to all of our military for their sacrifices and commitment, but I easily sympathize with the challenges of the other side of the coin – what the brides and families deal with as they adapt to a challenging lifestyle.  So, when we get a military couple – we work real hard to accommodate them.

Jaylen and Sabrina were high school sweethearts and everybody who has known them long knew that this couple would eventually marry and stay together forever.  When you see the couple in person – it is overtly obvious that they love each other for they both just light up in the presence of the other.


Sabrina is a natural beauty.  She chose a gorgeous tiered wedding gown and it looked stunning just hanging on the door but look how amazing it looks on Sabrina at the barn doorway!  This is a great pose and captured well by the photographer, Kent, at SHINE Photography.


When I am talking with the brides about the decorating aspect of their wedding, I always inquire about the groom and his interests or hobbies so I can somehow infuse a bit of “him” into the wedding details.   Obviously Jaylen’s military side was included both in the color theme as well as him wearing his military blues.  But Sabrina was quick to tell me, “Jaylen LOVES muscle cars….He will stop in mid-conversation if a muscle car passes by.”  So….I began the task of searching high and low for somebody I knew who had a muscle car who might be willing to bring it by for some photo ops.  Muscle cars are a very defined group of vehicles – mostly from the 60’s.  It was very difficult to locate for most of those classic owners are very protective of their vehicles and don’t just even drive them around.  BUT…..I did find a generous friend of my brother who offered to come do this because they too wanted to do something special for one of our military men.  Yeah!  Fortunately – the photographer agreed to take some car shots to give the man for his generosity.  So….keeping this a secret was certainly a challenge but we succeeded.  We blind-folded Jaylen and brought him to the hayfield.  His expression was priceless.  The car (Chevelle) was in mint condition – plus it was  BLUE!  It must have been a fine feeling to sit behind the wheel on those luxurious leather seats with your baby doll beside you and imagine cruising down the highway.  Jaylen couldn’t imagine this day being any better than it was already going to be!


Sabrina wanted a vintage flair with a touch of elegance.  She wanted blues and whites with accents of gold.  The delphiniums put on a display.





The day ended as most do with a line up of friends and family having a sparkler send off.  This angle of the barn just shows up so dramatically in the evening as you can get a glimpse of the lights hanging in the backdrop.  Mr. and Mrs. with one final kiss before they depart for the cheering crowd!  Another wedding success and a new life begins.                                                                                                                                    ~ Margie


Rustic Chic Wedding – Photos by Nashville Wedding Collection

Southern weddings can exhibit themselves in several different fashions but the wedding of Caroline and Matt had that rustic chic flair with all the elegance of an upscale event but with that rustic charm that the farm and barn brings to an event.  This perfect match up of vintage elegance and rustic features is what we do best.  Caroline had a clear vision of what her day was to look like – and lavender…..was front and center!

What a beautiful line up of bridesmaids!  Just as pretty from the back side as the front side – and that is saying something!

Caroline prepped at the farmhouse.  She sat on my Papa’s barber chair during part of her primping – he would’ve been so tickled to know that his chair was still being used today.  Matt and the boys took over Mimi’s Guest House.  It looks like they needed a couple of drinks to keep chilled.

The photographers of the day were Anthony and Brittany from Nashville Wedding Collection.  New to the farm, they were delighted with the many new opportunities that the farm provides.  I must say, these two photos of Caroline’s shoes are nothing but art.  Either of these would be well suited in a bridal magazine touting the shoe vendor.  Stunning!


Caroline and Matt didn’t want to see each other prior to the ceremony but did exchange love letters.  Anticipation……perfect recipe for a wedding.  Caroline made poster boards and brought them to be signed as a “sign in.”  These will make great framed additions to their new home.

This is the look that you want on your fiance’s face when you come around the corner and down the aisle.  The look of wonder – the look of awe – and the moment that any jitters flee.

A wedding in the grove is always very romantic and intimate.  We gently draped material in the trees and hung succulent filled lanterns from the trees.  Lanterns sat atop log stumps down the aisle with lots of white petals dotting the aisles.

Her decor choice was to have her lavender be on display along with other white flowers plus gold accents.  We purchased fresh lavender and coupled it with peonies and snow-ball blossoms from around the farm.  The vintage china always elevates the level of our event and it surely did so at Caroline’s wedding.  I added purple goblets and some of my vintage purple jars and it all came together.


Not only did Caroline have a cake topper to cut but she had someone specially make “mason jar cakes” which were some sort of custard…..made in several unique flavors.  We displayed them here in there – both on the cake table (making for a beautiful photo) as well as packing them in the old cupboard – just like grandma would’ve displayed them!

She rented our old vintage sofa.   It is an unusual print – sorta turquoise but not quite.  Something about those old high-back tufted sofas that make for a timeless elegant photo.  The photographer took good use of the couch with lots of photos.

I whisked them away in my golf buggy to secret places on the farm to take some magical photos.  They’re keepers – don’t you think?

The whole wedding party was a delight to be around and everybody smiled from morning to night.  What a fun day it was.

The bar was open til late and the dancing went on and on into the night.  Chalk up another awesome wedding!                   ~ Margie

Memorial Day – A Great Day To Celebrate a Military Wedding (Photos by Amanda May Photos)

Military weddings – we have a handful each year.  I have such a sympathetic heart for our soldiers from so many angles.  Most of them have experienced war zones, the loss of fellow soldiers, and often worse things.  All of them experience months away from family and loved ones with grueling pressures and responsibilities.  So for each military couple who comes to the farm to get married – I feel tickled to help facilitate this marriage under what often is short notice or after long delays or at least challenging timing.  There is just extra rejoicing when the marriage finally takes place!

Camila and Kevin were no different.  Stroll through these photos and notice the expressions on their faces.  Love wins out….most of the time….and it was Camila and Kevin’s turn to have their moment.

The decorating details were completed – the day was crisp and clear – the bridal party all prepped and ready – and all was well with the world .

The farm was ready too….with our eye candy that makes every day at the farm a pleasant one.

There ceremony was under the grove and oh….look at the groom’s face……love it!

It was a day to remember….a day to give thanks to another dedicated soldier for all that he does for me and the country….a day to root for those military families and all that they endure….and day to feel good about another beautiful wedding.

~ Margie

When Love Comes At Last

Each wedding and each bride has their own story.  Some are shared and some not.  The wedding of Pam and Todd is one of second chances of sorts.  A story of when you wait – and wait for love….and wonder if it will ever come your way.  It is a wonderful story of when love comes at last.

Pam met with me months before her wedding date to discuss handling her decorating and coordinating details. This woman oozes southern gentile and charm – she just does.  Her southern accent adds to that image too!  She  did modeling in her younger years but to look at her on wedding day – she could still dabble in that again if she wanted too.   She was an organized professional woman who knew some key elements of what she wanted…and color – these rich bright colors were a key element to creating this vision she had.

Several conversations later with the florist Tami (Flowers by Tami) – we came up with a consensus on the flower choices.  Adding all of the daisies and mixing in some anemones gave this flux of colors a very bright intense but spring look.  It really turned out stunning and a masterpiece of color infusions.  Mixing all of these colors with a table decor that suited her was an evolution as well.  She loved candles – rustic chunky ones – and lace too in order to create that magic “romantic rustic chic” effect.  Todd, the groom, loved to hunt and fish  – so when I suggested adding antlers to some of the tables – Pam jumped at the idea.  Somehow it all comes together and works…..and let’s the groom know that we were planning this day for him as well!

Pam works in the movie industry so she thought it would be cute to create a polaroid photo station.  All of my old cameras help to make the backdrop cute plus it gave an opportunity for Pam to display her various movie badges from some of the movies she has worked on.  I even brought out a pitchfork and my husbands garden hat.  It made for some cute props!….and for a very memorable photo sign in keep-sake for Pam and Todd.

The ceremony was under the canopy of the grove.  The vows were very purposeful and meaningful  Pam made sure that the kiss was unforgettable.  One thing that Pam and Todd did “right after being announced as Mr. and Mrs.” was very unique and I loved it.  They stood still – and did not rush back down the aisle.  The music was cued with the song “A Thousand Years.”  As it played…they stood there and relished the moment – the moment that they had been waiting for – for so long.   Pam even half sang half whispered some of the words to the song to Todd as they stood there.  The crowd was in tears as we sat there as we knew we were witnessing something special – something magical.

Todd loves to fish.  Pam asked if there was a way to infuse his fishing interests “somewhere in my decorating plans.”  I must admit – this was a first for such a request…..but… gear – I got that.  My husband is a fishing nut so I had rods and reels, tackle boxes full of lures, minnow buckets and cricket cages, so….this is what I came up with.  “The Catch of a Lifetime – Pam and Todd” gift station.  Todd kept eyeing all of the vintage lures that were in the tackle box and “hooked” into the fishing straw hat.

Todd was a gem as well.  A very handsome guy who had never married until that day.  He beamed the entire day.  No second thoughts only pure delight.  It showed all over his face.  And I heard so many nice and complimentary things people had to say about Todd – his character, his work ethic, his deep family ties, his friendships.

Another unique trend that Pam agreed to – one that we have seen more of this year.  Instead of having a head table on the stage – with bride and groom or maybe even with the whole bridal party….we are seeing where the bride has their sweetheart table on the main floor encircled by their guests instead of exalted and up on stage.  It gave such warmth to the occasion as many friends and family gave speeches and well-wishes to the family after dinner.

Here are a few other worthy photos to showcase – all photos by Candace Gentry Photography.  Thanks so much for sharing these with us.

And…one of the perks (yes – yes – so many to choose from)…one of the perks to hiring me as Day of Coordinator is that I can whisk you off in my golf cart to places around the farm so your photographer can have a field day taking some amazing shots in some unique places.

The evening was topped off with a bonfire, smores, sparkler send off, and a Royals Royce get-a-way!  It was a fun filled day for all….and very memorable for me.


~ Margie

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