The Barn at High Point Farms

Trends from 2017 that I saw are listed below.  It certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t buck the trend or go full steam ahead with a 2015 trend.  Your wedding should be you…..so very you.  That said…..this might be an interesting list to read.

(1)  Naked Cakes – These have been around for a while but a majority of our 2017 cakes were indeed naked.

(2)  Most weddings had a variety of desserts and not just a wedding cake.  Some had cupcakes, some had bundt mini cakes, some had cheesecake, some had an ice cream vendor, and some had a full blown dessert smorgasbord.



(3)  Most bridal bouquets were free flowing and not sculptured/compact traditional bouquets.


(4)  Many of the bridesmaids bouquets were uncomplicated – often purely babies breath, just greenery, or a simple wildflower mix.


(5)  Every year we see a couple of non-traditional wedding dresses but this year we saw more than ever before.  They were all very feminine but just not white/ivory nor traditional bridal gowns.  I loved them all and they seemed very fitting to the brides that wore them.


(6)  Most of the bridesmaid dresses were similar but not the same; whether that was varying style or a slightly varying color.


(7)  Hardly saw burlap (only accents – but no runners) and saw more greenery on the tables.

(8) The shepherd crooks were hardly used.  The log stumps were used as well as tied greenery or even hanging jars off the edge of the chairs.


(9)  More guys/groomsmen were coat-less attire.

(10)  I saw  a lot of burgandy-wine……….and blues this year.


~ Margie

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