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High Point Farms will be adding as a rental option in 2019 a portable sound system.  This may be a great option for many brides as they weigh choices on how and where they spend their money as well as how they want their event to proceed.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to do a Farm Blog posting to give you some things to consider so you can ponder this decision with more insight.

First – the sound system.  I will eventually post the kind of sound system and what all it includes once I have it on hand.  It is on my Winter To-Do List so I will provide all of that information later.  We do intend for it to be portable and for it to be a good quality one as well.  It will have a couple of portable microphones and a stand.  We will have HPF staff to set it up but it will require someone of your choosing who is knowledgeable with such devices to connect their Ipod/Ipad and playlist to this sound system and then to then run the music, handle the change ups, and such.

Pros to using the sound system in conjunction with or instead of hiring a DJ:

  1.  Economical
  2.  With ceremony in the grove, often first dances out on the rock patio, and official dance-time in the dancehall, some DJs charge extra for each location or limit how many locations they will move their equipment.  This provides an additional option.
  3.  Some couples are just not into dancing.  Often they feel obliged to offer dance time for their guests so having this option provides the economical option to have some music for dancing and even some background music for the reception – but then allows the bride not to allocate so much money to a venture she isn’t so much into.
  4.  Some couples don’t want official dancing at all but love music and would want music for their ceremony, reception, and more.  With their own playlist at hand, this could provide a perfect option for having the needed background music without the DJ expense.

Now that I have perked your interest in renting and utilizing this portable sound system for your wedding, let me give you a slew of reason why our DJs are worth ever bit of money that they charge and why you might NOT want to consider renting the sound system.  DJs (for sure – the ones on our Vendor Suggestion List) are professionals and know their craft well…so consider these points first before making your decision:

  1.  DJs will act as an MC (Master of Ceremony) by making announcements; i.e. “Toasts will begin in 10 minutes so fill up your glasses”, “Let me introduce to you Mr. and Mrs…….”.  Having a designated person to make these announcements helps to keep your guests informed and to move your time schedule along smoothly.
  2.  DJs know sound, know how to manipulate their speakers, can trouble-shoot background noise or wind influences and are professionals (i.e. highly experienced) and it is rare that their are any hiccups to anything “sound related.”  There is something comforting in knowing that a truly professional person is overseeing to these music and sound related details to your most special day.
  3.  DJs come with some very expensive equipment.  A few of our prized DJs have some amazing speakers and some high-end microphones, etc.  I am positive that their equipment is superior to a portable sound system – even as good of a system that we will have.  Do you want a Ford or a Porsche?
  4.  Djs often come with specialty lights and gadgets of sorts for dancetime that just bedazzles your event.  With your new initials lit up on the dance floor or your accent colors swirling from corner to corner of the dancehall – some DJs can take dance time to a whole new dimension.
  5.  DJs have an endless music playlist – no hunting down of certain music needed.
  6.  DJs often have mini-microphones and ear-mics which are less visible (for photos) and less cumbersome since you don’t have to pass them back and forth.
  7.  DJs often (not all, mind you) have the personality to not only woo your hesitant guests onto the dance floor by their engaging personalities but sometimes they can be out their dancing themselves making dance time a fun-filled experience of sorts….perfect for those couples who love-love-love to dance.
  8.  As a venue – and as a venue in the countryside where we want to respect the tranquil atmosphere of our surroundings, we have to control the noise level of any music played here on the farm.  Being on a slight rise – you would be surprised at how far the noise can travel down the valley.  We often have to reign in the noise level of the “bass” so not to penetrate the living rooms of our neighbors.  Beginning 2019, we will not be allowing sub-woofers from our DJs or bands in an effort to keep this under control.  A good DJ can manipulate his equipment to still give you great sound plus keep the newlysweds AND the venue happy.

One of our mantras here at HP Farms is the opportunity for our couples to have choices – of how their special day will look as well as control over their budget.  We are keen believers in that you don’t have to “do” everything that is typical of weddings.  If you don’t want to sit on stage at a sweetheart table – don’t……place your table on the main part of the floor encircled by your guests.  If you love Mexican food – have a Mexican buffet and don’t feel bad that you aren’t serving roast beef!  If you want to have a couple of musicians play lounge-type music instead of hiring a DJ – do it and embrace it.  Have this wedding reflect the interests of YOU TWO!  So, now you can have an option for the music as well.  Hopefully you will read over the pros and cons and “just know” whether you are the type that will pounce on this opportunity.  For sure, I do not want to besmirch our Djs.  We have an awesome list of great ones and their talent, equipment, and services are most of the time a perfect component to a glorious wedding day….but now….you have a choice to consider an alternative.

~ Margie

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