Author: Margie Gardner

Joy and Everette Photo Wedding day starts early and runs at a face-pace all day long, so how does a bride create a wedding line that fits everything in? Honeyroot Photo Typically the day begins with the prepping for the girls which is everything from hair and make-up to actually getting into the dresses.  Questions to ask that effect your timeline is 1. Will this be on-site or off-site?   2. How many girls will be needing these professional services? and   3. How many vendors do you have to provide these services? If you are "all about the photos" on wedding day, you might want

Spring weddings have many advantages. Let me give you some reasons to consider this time of year. First, the new fresh grasses are lush and green, in fact, it is almost a neon green. Just look at how it contrasts with the wedding dress. Wandermoore Photography The air is crisp and clean with no humidity. Though you may be smart to have a shawl or jacket available in case it gets a bit nippy at night, at least you won't have to worry about sweating. Holt Webb Photography Spring is the time for stunning blooms like poppies, peonies, snapdragons,

Joy and Everette Photography Wedding day is all about the ceremony. Capturing the beauty of the day is important. Your timeline works backwards and forwards from the ceremony time. Let me go through the factors in determining what time should your ceremony be. John Shim Photography The season of the year effects your ceremony time. In the early Spring, late fall, and early Winter, the daylight is significantly shorter. Obviously having light for your ceremony is key (unless you live in southern California where it wouldn't matter which season or what time). Though the ambiance is magical

Each year, we celebrate the exceptional artistry and talent of our photographers by selecting certain photos that we feel are "magazine worthy."  There is something extra special in the lighting, the angle of the photo, the location, or the set up.  Some of these look as though they were carefully staged for a photo shoot.  This is always a very challenging process to weed through all of the amazing wedding galleries and narrow it down to just twenty photos.  Jill and I go round and round with this process until we agree.  We are now ready for the roll out.