Our Animals

goats at farm wedding

Our animals are a huge part of our lives. They always have been and likely will continue to be.  We have a small herd of cows, several horses, our Great Pyrenees dogs to protect our goats, chickens, a herding dog, cats, and of course, our infamous goats.


It is our goats and horses that get front row seating for our weddings by being stationed in the pasture beside the wedding barn.  It makes for great eye candy for incoming guests to enter the back of the barn area on their arrival and look beyond the well-manicured lawn to see the goats and horses in the field.

goats for outdoor wedding ceremony

Our goats are extra special.  No doubt!  We have a small breeding program for a new breed called Mini-Nubians – a cross between the short and smaller Miniature goats with the sweet tempered (but large) Nubian breed that are known for being great milking goats (thus their easy disposition) and their long floppy ears.  This eventually produces a smaller floppy-eared sweet dispositioned beautiful goat.

baby goat at fence

All of that is mumbo-jumbo at some level. What our goats are known for are being “Johnny on the spot” to come to the fence line to greet our guests.  They all have been handled, babied, and name their entire life.  Most of them wear dog collars.

goat at fence

The goats are such a popular attraction that most of our brides actually bring a couple of boxes of Ritz-type crackers so that guests can “Feed the Goats” after the ceremony during Cocktail Hour as a form of “farm entertainment.”

goats pasture crackers

The goats lining up at the fence line is virtually free entertainment, but if you want something more engaging then we actually have an option called “Goat Visit.”  This, again, is usually during Cocktail Hour.  We will bring up a baby goat (if available) to have a “Meet and Greet” with your guests.  All of the animal lovers, young and old, encircle us and the selfies begin to start.

selfies goat visit

Not to allow their guests to have all of the fun, often it is our brides (or both groom and bride) who want their opportunity for an “official” goat photo.

Ever so often, magic happens with these baby goat photos and their results are extraordinary.  Don’t you agree?

Some brides will pass on holding a baby goat on their wedding day but they are tickled to have them as a unique backdrop.

bride and groom at goat fence

Others go a step further.  They notify us earlier in order to set up a more staged goat photos.

sofa and goats

Sometimes you just go for the gusto.  With a brave couple and a adventuresome photographer, one might capture a photo like this that even lands in a magazine.  Photo Below:  (The Knot Magazine)

bride groom in goat field

Let me not overlook our beautiful horses.    We do ask guests “not to feed the horses” though which takes away a bit of motivation for them to come visit.  Horses, as sweet as they are, have enormous teeth and the risk to little fingers seem too risky.  They, too, are eye-candy.

Even some of our Great Pyrenees dogs are eager for the lime-light.  Gypsy will stick her head through the fence and beg for a Ritz cracker too.

goats for outdoor wedding ceremony

Most of our other animals are mostly out of sight.  Occasionally we just see their photos pop up in a gallery that is submitted to us.  We are never fully surprised at the requests from photographers for a staged photo shoot though like this one with the chicken and the cat.

farm wedding

Even our cat makes an appearance every now and again at photo sessions.  All of our animals are love-bugs and want to visit.

We do respect your space while you are out at our Farm and we strive to keep our cats and dogs at home just so you know. That said, our animals are our babies and it wouldn’t be the same without them.  This is just part of who we are.  Fortunately, our guests seem to enjoy that our Farm is a real one; not manufactured or pretentious “just for show” but authentic.  And – when somebody hears that sweet sound of a baby goat bleating…..this (below) is often their expression….priceless!

baby goat wow noise