The Barn at High Point Farms

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Is a multi-generational 50-acre family farm in the Chattanooga Valley community called “High Point” that is nestled in the shadow of Lookout Mountain in northwest Georgia just 20 minutes south of downtown Chattanooga, TN. Our unique location allows us the serenity of rural life, the panoramic views that our region is infamous for, plus the convenience to a tourist-friendly town full of motel, restaurant, and entertaining options.


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Laid Back Southern Charm

The ambiance of the farm beckons back to a past era where life was simple, the land was part of your daily life, families were tight, and things were made to last. We have created a venue with a laid back atmosphere with that little touch of Southern charm. With our captivating views, the pasture full of animals, our enchanting lit grove, and the quaint vintage farmhouse …The Barn at High Point Farms has set the mood for a very romantic wedding. Come visit our farm wedding venue to experience it.


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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

An outdoor ceremony let’s you have it all – beautiful eye candy as your ceremony backdrop at every angle while saving the charm of the barn for your reception.  What nature does not provide, we have given additional thought to so that your photographs can’t help but be amazing.


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Our Authentic Barn

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our old pole barn is clothed in weathered gray barn wood which gives it character – it almost tells a story. It has interesting doors on all sides – doors that allow great traffic flow, air flow and makes some amazing photographs. Our conversion from farm barn to wedding venue has pinterest inspirations all over it!  Most of our weddings are actually outside with the receptions inside which lets our bride have it all; an outdoor wedding with an amazing backdrop AND the rustic charm of a real barn. A true farm wedding venue.

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The Old Farmhouse

our old farmhouse is over 160 years old and has been gently restored keeping as much of the original boards and charm as possible. We have decorated the house with bits of family heirlooms, antiques, and some eclectic decor. This atmosphere creates just the right mood for our brides as they begin their day of preparations and primping.  Now there are lodging options in the farmhouse.

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Mimi’s Guest House

modern rustic kitchen for venue guest house

What once was a home built by my parents as they began their new life on the farm has now been totally renovated to provide all sorts of on-site options and solutions for our brides and their families.


Farm Animals

We have several horses and a herd of goats, plus our guardian dogs, Gypsy and Bear. But it is our goats that are our farm mascots and have become the talk of the town somehow.

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Our Gardens

farm wedding venue bride in hayfield

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From the moment you drive up to the farm, you will begin to notice what we refer to as “our country landscaping” whether that is the rows of grape and muscadine vines by the parking area, the vegetable garden and raised bed areas, the blueberry and rosemary bushes woven into our landscaping  or just our bounty of flowers growing all over the farm and many are displayed quite uniquely.  These various gardens not only add beauty in every corner of the property, but add that “going to Grandma’s farm” feel to the property for many of these displays are plants and seeds that in fact have been passed down for generations in my family.  We also offer farm flowers as options, for our brides whether by the bucket or as arrangements and bouquets.


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