Wedding Videos

Lauren and Cory – By Peerless Weddings

Savannah and David – By ABN Films

Taylor and Warren – By Heather Lynn Gonzales

Kelli and Adam – by JBV Films

Lydia and Wes – by Southern Cinematics

Chelsea and Nick – by Max Zoughbi at

Mariah and Paul by Michael Whitlock Productions

Brittany and Zane by 1080 People

Brittany and Joseph by Kasey Grey Media

LeeAnna and Matt by Axel Marshall Productions

Sophia and Robbie by John Jordan Films

Jordan and Kate – November 2017 by Bourdon Production

Caitlin and Cody – October 2017 by Moments Revisited

Kayla and Ricky – September 2017 by Matt Seagle.

Madi and Kevin – September 2017 by In Orbit Photography/Videography

Lindsey and Will – October 2017 by 148 Films

Lexy and Billie – November 12, 2016 by King Studios.  This wedding was our very last of the season and what an awesome way to end the 2016 year.  There was still an amazing amount of color in the trees and even in our flowers around the venue.  It was a warm fall evening and a great day for a wedding.  King Studios captured the temp of this wedding which was very energetic yet intimate with such a fun and friendly batch of family and friends.  Enjoy!

Caroline and Shot – Summer 2016 by Kelcurt Media.  This talent did an amazing and very artistic video of this adorable couple who are so enthusiastically in love with life and each other.  Kelcurt accomplished what a videographer should do – make you feel as though you were there that day so you can experience it yourself – almost taste the cake, virtually petted the goats, and cried at watching their first look.

Phillip and Aubree – Summer 2016 by Axel Marshall Productions.  Nothing like a video to make you feel like you were there.  I was there and I still weep when I see this.  Aubree embraced the whole summer wedding by using sunflowers for her bouquets and with her decorating and boy – do they make a punch.  The photos are amazing (by Tim at Imago Photography) but this video takes on a whole new prospective.  The drone captures pictures that puts a wow factor in this presentation.  So….get a taste of this particular wedding by watching the video….it will make you feel like you are there even if you weren’t.

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