Devin and Justin – by Nicole Veldman – November 2017

Mariah and Paul by Michael Whitlock Productions


Brittany and Zane by 1080 People



Brittany and Joseph by Kasey Grey Media



LeeAnna and Matt by Axel Marshall Productions


Sophia and Robbie by John Jordan Films

Richards Wedding Film

"You are my person, my love and my life. Now I want to promise you the world and I will do anything to give it to you." Sophia and Robert have a fairy tale story and their wedding at a farm nestled among mountains was like something from a dream. Southern charm, a gorgeous barn and tons of fun made this Georgia celebration unforgettable. Congratulations again, Mr. & Mrs. Richards!Click HD, Share, Tag your peeps and view the full Wedding Feature Film on our blog… to my awesome second shooter, Jennifer Pinckney​!Visit us at:

Posted by John Jordan Films on Thursday, October 25, 2018

Samantha and Casey by Nicole Veldman Photography


Jordan and Kate – November 2017 by Bourdon Production



Caitlin and Cody – October 2017 by Moments Revisited


Kayla and Ricky – September 2017 by Matt Seagle.



Madi and Kevin – September 2017 by In Orbit Photography/Videography


Lindsey and Will – October 2017 by 148 Films


Lexy and Billie – November 12, 2016 by King Studios.  This wedding was our very last of the season and what an awesome way to end the 2016 year.  There was still an amazing amount of color in the trees and even in our flowers around the venue.  It was a warm fall evening and a great day for a wedding.  King Studios captured the temp of this wedding which was very energetic yet intimate with such a fun and friendly batch of family and friends.  Enjoy!



Caroline and Shot – Summer 2016 by Kelcurt Media.  This talent did an amazing and very artistic video of this adorable couple who are so enthusiastically in love with life and each other.  Kelcurt accomplished what a videographer should do – make you feel as though you were there that day so you can experience it yourself – almost taste the cake, virtually petted the goats, and cried at watching their first look.



Phillip and Aubree – Summer 2016 by Axel Marshall Productions.  Nothing like a video to make you feel like you were there.  I was there and I still weep when I see this.  Aubree embraced the whole summer wedding by using sunflowers for her bouquets and with her decorating and boy – do they make a punch.  The photos are amazing (by Tim at Imago Photography) but this video takes on a whole new prospective.  The drone captures pictures that puts a wow factor in this presentation.  So….get a taste of this particular wedding by watching the video….it will make you feel like you are there even if you weren’t.




Pam and Todd – Spring 2016 by John Cotton…..fresh off the press.  So many things about this wedding – this day to remember.  It certainly shows how to mix elegance and style with some good ole’ country fun to create a relaxing and pleasant day for all…mixing an elegant Southern bride with a stylish groomsmen in his tux add splashes of spring colors and flowers but include hayrides and bonfires and romantic dancing under the mason jar  chandelier.  It works and made for a stunning event.  John Cotton never disappoints with his video creations….and we love love the aerial shots!



As you see these older videos – some from 2014 and even as far back as 2012, you can get a sense of our evolution as a venue.



Aubre and Dane – Early Spring 2014 by Limestone Films.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  Loved her dress – the blush color looked stunning on Aubre.  The vibrant colors of the delphiniums against the neon green of an early spring wedding.



Kelsey and Evan – by Arc Studios Photography.






Oh my – another amazing video…….as if you were there in the front room.  Great job Clark Video Productions for the Josh and Kelsi wedding.


Grab your hanky and be prepared to tear up at this video – intimate but adorable and stunningly beautiful wedding day of Kaitlynn and Brennan… Hampton Road Studios.



This video is generously shared with us by Clark Video Productions for the wedding of Christen and Michael.



This video is generously shared with us by Switzerfilm from the Lauren/Colby wedding of 2014.




This video is from Rachel and Chandler – Summer 2014


From Nicole and Adam’s Wedding in 2014.  By Chad Tetzlaff.



This was an “intro Video” generously made by Hampton Road Studios early in 2012 for us.  We had managed surviving year one (2011) and discovered that indeed brides DID want to come to the farm to get married. We had just completed our “stage” area and were struggling to get our name out there.  This video was created and it really felt as though the essence of our farm venue was communicated – visually as well as audibly.  Hampton Road Studios would surely do an amazing job at telling your story on your wedding day.  Many things have been added and changed since this was taken in early 2012 – the dancehall, many of the garden areas, inside and out – too many to list – but still….this helps to give a bit of the flavor of our farm.


Submitted by Cinema House for Chandler & Bowman in Spring of 2015.



Another great Video has been submitted.  This Video was given by permission from Todd LeBerger (Amore Studios) and captures superbly the wedding of Bailey and Ryan of May 2012 here at The Barn at High Point Farms.  Grab a hanky – for it is emotional from start to finish.

(*Submitted in 2012 – many changes and improvements since then.)





Here is a link to one of our videos – but it is an “out of the box” video – unlike the others……maybe not exactly an “out of the box” but a “Matchbox Twenty” video….yes….I said Matchbox Twenty – the band.  Their 2012 hit song “Overjoyed” was partially filmed here at High Point Farms just prior to the Katie/Brock wedding in August 2012 – video taken by Katie’s brother but utilized by none other than Matchbox Twenty.  What a hoot!   Here is the link:

then…a follow up to the Music Video above is a clip from Katie and Brock’s real wedding.   2012





Sit back – let this video download – listen – watch as if you were there – this amazing video by Bethany Mollenkof for the
Carlie/Michael wedding Spring 2012.