The Barn at High Point Farms Photos

A Sampler Gallery for each bride of the current year.  Check out our Facebook page for a larger sampling.



Tara and Justin – June 2018 (Bri Sanders Photography)


Cady and Chaz – May 2018  (Alex Dimmer Photography)




Jessica  and Ryan  – May 2018  (Holt Webb  Photography)



Lauren and Josh – April 2018 (Wonderly Creative Photography)



Erin and Marcus – May 2018 (Imago Photography)





Shelbey and Christian – May 2018  (Kenzie Stephens Photography)


Lee Anna and Matt    April 2018  (Imago Photography)



Brit and Josh     March 2018  (Susan Franklin Photography)



Leigh Ann and Brian – March 2018  (Jenn Blackburn Photography)