The Barn at High Point Farms Photos

A Sampler Gallery for each bride of the current year.  


Stephanie and Garret




Rachel and Jarrod by Eden Ingle Photos



Jami and Pete by HMX Photography


Autumn and Ryan by Macy O’Connell Photography



April and Spanky by Kori Elizabeth Photography




Megan and Austin by McKenzie Thompson Photography



Emily and Austin by Ashley Phillips Photography


Hannah and Elise by Honeyroom Photo & Film


Jackie and Jeremy by AVenue Photography

The Gridine’s by R. Chavez Photo


Sophia and Robbie by Stephanie Richer Photography




Liza and Sam by The Nashville Wedding Collection





Mackenzie and Jonathan by Shane Hawkins Photography


Liz and Russell by John Shim Photography


Noelle and Andrew by Noble Photo LLC


Kristin and Wang by Ninja Shark Photography




Tara and Justin – June 2018 (Bri Sanders Photography)


Cady and Chaz – May 2018  (Alex Dimmer Photography)



Jessica  and Ryan  – May 2018  (Holt Webb  Photography)



Lauren and Josh – April 2018 (Wonderly Creative Photography)



Erin and Marcus – May 2018 (Imago Photography)





Shelbey and Christian – May 2018  (Kenzie Stephens Photography)


Lee Anna and Matt    April 2018  (Imago Photography)


Brit and Josh     March 2018  (Susan Franklin Photography)

Leigh Ann and Brian – March 2018  (Jenn Blackburn Photography)