Vendor Suggestions

    We are in the homestretch before our first 2012 wedding.  Curtains are hung, fresh saw dust strewn on the barn floor, pear trees beginning to blossom as if on cue, and the grass is turning that unique green hue that is indicative of springs arrival. 
    We have a long line up of weddings this year so that means that there are brides everywhere making lists and contacting vendors as they plan and coordinate their own lists of sorts.  I have compiled a Vendor Suggestion Page for my brides that may be a good place to begin as you make your plans.  You can also get to this page through the link at the bottom of the Venue Pricing and General Information page. As the year progresses, I hope to add to the list. So, whether you are looking for photographers, cakes, flowers, or just accommodations for your out-of-town guests….check out the page and see if it is helpful to you.  Any feedback that you want to shoot my way is always helpful – either before or after the fact.  Hearing first hand from my brides on how they viewed their vendors gives me fodder for my recommendations….happy brides and happy guests = making my Vendor Suggest Page list.
    I did want to tout one vendor to you today and introduce him to you.  His name is Dave Connis.  He is available for hire as a band.  His general genre is likely folk but he can shift towards bluegrass or country or old country or even ole-time gospel easy enough.  He is just one of those extremely talented guys that is diverse and plays many instruments.  I would thoroughly enjoy just sittin’ and listenin’ to him and his crew just jammin’ together in an ad-lib forum.  They offer some unique instruments too.  His contact info is:  Dave Connis  With the beautiful views that dominate the daylight hours here at High Point Farms – once darkness approaches, the barn and the soft glow of the lights in the barn – well it is almost like the second act of a play. Adding a band to your line-up just becomes icing on the cake and fits in quite nicely here.  So – consider Dave Connis and let him know that I recommended him.
    I hope to introduce a few more of my vendors to you through this blog as time goes on.  So – till later,    Margie Gardner