Our Vintage Barn

Photo by A Creative Pear Photography


Our large rustic pole barn is adorned with old weathered wood for your perfect vintage barn wedding. There are interesting doors on all sides spilling out to scenic areas in all directions. Lots of unique doors mean ease of access for your guests, plenty of air flow, the ability to close some or all of them if the weather demands, and of course the option of unique photo ops as all of our doors exude character and provide contrast.  

bride at barn doors

  At each unique door, there is an awesome photo op awaiting you….and did I mention that we have a slew of unique doors?

Photo by Kenney Photography


 Inside The Barn

We have converted the inside of the barn to suit your wedding and reception needs. What once held nine stalls, a tack room, and a barn full of animals, has now been transformed into a magical rustic venue strewn with lights and draped with curtains.  We have embraced our authenticity by keeping as much of the old worn wood and stall doors which has helped the barn retain its old vintage charm, but we added our own creative slant to its new purpose.


barn wedding lights


With lots of interesting furniture pieces, farmhouse tables, whiskey barrel bars, vintage pieces, and signs – you will have a delightful time infusing your influence with ours.

Photo by Katelyn Rose Photography


The Dance Hall


dance the night away in our temperature-controlled Dance Hall, with its enchanting mason jar chandelier and string lights.  Windows on all sides is ideal for extended viewing. Ready to book your vintage wedding venue? 

Photo by David Avant Photography


Photo by The Nashville Wedding Collection


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