Mimi’s Guest Rental House

Mimi’s Guest rental house is a large home on-site that has been renovated in a rustic eclectic style mixing a wealth of family heirlooms with some outside-the-box creativity which has created a multi-use modern farmhouse inside.  It has a large open concept Great Room, spacious farmhouse kitchen, an extra long barnwood table seating 18+,  a screened in porch, and even more features.

View our virtual tour below:

Groom’s Prepping Area

While the bride does have the Bridal Suite in the old Farmhouse to prep in, the guys have the Great Room of the Mimi Guest House for their prepping and pre-ceremony relaxing.  This allows them to have kitchen space for their snacks, a temperature controlled prep space, and have access to the TV and Internet.

On-Site Lodging Options

The house can be rented in 3 different ways depending on your needs.  First is to rent the whole house which includes the Master Suite on the main floor plus 3 bedrooms (and a large bathroom) downstairs.  The house can sleep up to 8.  This gives you not only lodging for the night but all of these bedrooms (and bathrooms) for plenty of prepping space prior to the wedding.  No Sunday night lodging options for this house.


Second option is to rent just the main top floor for lodging which includes the Master Suite and the whole Great Room, kitchen area, etc.  This sleeps 2 guests only.  There is even a baby bed in the Master Suite walk in closet in case there is a bridesmaid with an infant who may need a nap during the day.  Often this option is selected for either the parents or grandparents who want to be able to retire to the Guest House at night’s end instead of a late night drive back home.  With steps away from the barn, it is beneficial to have such a close lodging option.  No Sunday night lodging options at this house.

bride and groom

Third option is to rent the whole house but just for “day of usage only.”  This expands the prepping area (for the groomsmen or for family) to the whole house (instead of the Great Room) so that there is plenty of space, privacy, etc.  No disturbing of the beds, no lodging at night’s end, but added space in case there is the need.


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