Sunflower Summer Wedding (Phillip and Aubree by Imago Photography)

Nothing says summer wedding like a batch of large golden sunflowers in your bouquet.  The wedding of Phillip and Aubree had a wedding theme centered around these beautiful flowers and wow…..they do pack a punch into every single photo that they are in!  These two lovebirds were just fun to watch.  Young love – remember how you looked when you were so madly in love?…if you can’t quite remember….look at the expressions on this couples faces.  Precious!

There was such attention given to every detail of this wedding…and it shows.  Smart choice to allow your groomsmen to go jacket-less and to dress your girls in cute but comfortable bridesmaid dresses.  The pretty deep royal blue dresses just served to showcase again these beautiful flowers.

The wedding ceremony was in the grove and decorated to a tee.  A sweet symbolic “tie the knot” ceremony painted a good picture for all the guest of how interwoven you are as man and wife.

We meandered all over the farm with the photographer, Tim, with Imago Photography to capture some beautiful farm shots.  They never grew tired of finding those out of the way spots to take a photograph.

I love this sparkler shot!

Another beautiful wedding and a sweet couple has been married here at the farm.

Watch this awesome video of their special day.  Thanks to Alex Marshall Productions for sharing this video…I cry through all of these! And…I love love the drone shots – it really highlights our beautiful valley!