Year End Review – A Sampling From Most of Our Weddings

Wow – 2015 was an amazing year!  Each year we feel more blessed than the year before.  I did not get a gallery from all of my brides (so sad…..weep, weep), but most of the brides (and their photographers) were very generous to share their best wedding photos with us….to show off to our fans, to post on Facebook, and to utilize on our website.  I could not tout our wedding farm without their generosity and to all of our brides who write such sweet reviews for us.  Thank you Thank you!!!

I am compiling my Best of 2015 photos currently but it seems as though this task is getting tougher and tougher each year. So, I wanted this year to show off all of our brides (the ones who have sent me photos, of course) so you can see them all.  Each one was beautiful and special…and cherished by so many family and guests.  Let me show two pictures from each participating brides’ gallery that caught my eye.  Enjoy.



By Eden Luquire Photography


By Jacquie Rives Photography



By Tiffany Beth Photo



By Imago Photography




By  John Shim



By Simmons Photography




By Perfect Capture Photography



By Dotson Photo



By Imago Photography


By Woven and Spun Photography


By NB Photography


By In His Image Photography


By Blue Vinyl Creative


By Angel Wings Photography


By Nathan M. Bivens Photography




By Imago Photography



The Connections Photo



By Cooper and Co. Photo



By Carissa Rogers Photography



By Imago Photography


By Heather Warnock Photography



Unsure who photographer is



By Taylor Fricks Photography



By Kenney Photography



By Finnegan Photography


By Lindsey Edwards Photography



By Suzanne Marie Smith Photography



By Alex Bee Photo



By KC Photography



In His Image Photography