When the Look Says It All

farm wedding, bride and groom by mountain, Erin Morrison Photography www.erinmorrisonphotography.com

Rachel and Brad got married in April 2016 here at the farm.  They are a good example of couples who come to get married but for various reasons – we have not gotten to know them.  And….that is fine – we are here to facilitate them – their wedding – and we are in charge of doing our part….the venue…..the landscape….the services, etc.  So, as I write this blog – I don’t have an endearing story to tell you – but when the look says it all – you know that there must be one.

This is one of those couple that just seem to smile and be cheery all day long…..but when the two of them were together – there whole face would just light up….such a cool thing to see.  Love….that what it is…but something still…..beyond that.  Adoration?  Pure delight?  Best friends?  Not quite sure….but it obvious.

Erin Morrison Photography did a great job capturing some of the artistic beauty of this old farmhouse.  I love the bouquet setting on the doily in the pantry with those vintage turquoise items as well as the symmetry of the wedding dress on the seamstress stand in the parlor.

Making Arrangements made the beautiful creations of the bouquets and again….I love it when the bridesmaid dresses aren’t all the same…but varying colors that blend with each other…..this allows the bouquets to really pop.

The grove weddings just seem magical and the lens choice by the photographer makes it feel like you are in a forest.

We made the rounds up on the hill and in the field….stopped to see if the Beau (the horse) would come over for a photo opp….but I am sure that my favorite poses are these last two shots…..in the tree tunnel.  Brad looks so GQ in his pose and his stature….and the final shot looks amazing……a contender for a large canvas in their home….love it.

Well – I hope the pictures dazzle you like they do me….congratulations to Erin Morrison Photography (and thanks for sharing) and I also hope that even in the photos that you can see for yourself….the look of love written all over the faces!     ~Margie