What Was Particularly Memorable About 2015?

As we finish up our winter projects and we begin to prepare for our first wedding of the season coming up soon – I took a moment to reflect on our last year.  I thought it might be interesting to share a few of the things that were particularly memorable about our 2015 weddings and brides.


  • We had a bride bring a piano to her “grove ceremony”…and that was a first.  I am sure there is more to the story but she was adamant to have the music from Pride and Prejudice played as her “coming down the aisle” selection….and as we all know and recognize that melody – ya’ gotta have a piano to do it just right.  Fortunately it was a gorgeous day for a wedding – which meant a wonderful day to delivery a precious piano to an outdoor wedding.  With a few decorations and a talented pianist, it was indeed a wonderful addition to a beautiful and unique wedding.


  • We had several brides who opted not to be in a  traditional wedding gown…not only just not a white or ivory gown but not a wedding dress per say at all.  I will also say that it certainly seemed to fit each of these brides…it just showed off their personalities.


  • We created a whole new website with a totally fresh format.  I’ve always been big on including lots of photos but the new look with its “slider images” seems to get more bang for our buck.  It has been well received.  They do say that a picture paints a thousand words and we need a thousand words to describe us.              


  • We saw a half dozen or more “foot-washings” as part of the ceremony.  If you are unfamiliar with it – it is where the bride and groom take turns sitting in a chair and allowing the other to wash their feet.  Why you say?  It symbolizes becoming humble and serving each other in the same way that Jesus washed the feet of His disciples….For a married couple to be – it in essence shows that you are committed to each other even during the muck and mud of life.  It really is a beautiful thing to witness. 


  •  It seemed to be the “year of the automobiles” as we had quite an assortment of them brought in for added photo ops or for a classy get-a-way.  Either way – I loved them all.



  • We had added a rustic arbor to our venue early Spring ’15 and it was quite a hit.


  • We were so honored to have received two rankings during the 2015 year – both from two highly popular online wedding blogs.  One was from Here Comes The Guide.com  in their “How Romantic. 10 Wedding Venues We Have Fallen For.”  The second was “Top 24 Best Barn Venues” on Green Wedding Shoes.com.  Oh, to be affirmed in the widening pool of barn venues  is a huge thing for us.  Thank you to all of our brides who have given us such sweet and positive reviews and for your photographers who make us look so good!


  • We had one unique wedding that was more than just a mix of races but with an international flair.  Beyond that it was a truly Southern bride who made sure her wedding not only included all of the southern charm that she had always dreamed about for this day but infused the African heritage to which she was marrying into.  It was not just unique but amazing to see the blend and the bond.


  • We opened up our Mimi’s Guest House by mid-summer 2015.  Converting my mom’s home into guest lodging and wedding day uses was both an act of love but also a creative outlet.  So much of my mother is reflected in the house but quite a bit of my heart and soul as well.  It has been received well and used often.  During off months and weekdays, we offer it on AirBnB so it has been fun and interesting to meet people from all over the whole who come to the area for a few days and are glad to have a country farm refuge to retreat in.


  •  We had our first “destination elopement” ceremony.  No guests.  No reception.  A gorgeous ceremony site – lots of photos – and a honeymoon suite all in the same place.


  •  We had several Bohemian-influenced weddings last year.  They are new and fresh and outside the box…and I love ’em!



  •  We saw a new direction for the ceremony options being initiated by one of our brides.  Sorta near the grove but actually in the lawn….trees in the background but not “under” the grove.


  •  We had a old pick-up truck brought as “an appetizer truck.”  Yep….it was one-of-a-kind.






  •  I am pretty sure that I saw the most amazing cake creation of our five years.  It was a masterpiece.  It was the groom’s cake made to look like a plate full of bacon on a plate sitting on an upside down whiskey barrel half with silverware and a shot glass – all edible!  Don’t know how it tasted because the guest gobbled it up (good sign) but it was certainly a work of art!


  •  Trends?  Most bridesmaid dresses were different colors (generally varying shades of the same color) from each other.  What a pretty and soothing look this is.  I hope this continues – it sure does photograph well.




  •  Trends?  Turquoise seemed to be the color of the year!  It certainly gets my vote.



  •  Trends?  The whole dessert smorgasbord and/or candy bar was a hit this year.   It was certainly fun to see the variety of desserts brought, the selection of candies that are available even now-a-days, the cute presentation of all of these extra desserts, and the giddy look on guests faces when they find out about the amazing variety of delicious foods that awaits them.




and finally….


  •  The new places around the farm that our wonderful photographers seem to find for those amazing shots. Sometimes it is just a new twist on a familiar place. Sometimes we suggest a place and sometimes we are totally surprised.  We never cease to be amazed and often we ask each other “where is this taken”?


So what will this year hold?  I can’t wait to find out!       ~Margie