Weddings, weddings, and more weddings

Well – consider that it has been 3 weeks since my last blog, I guess you can tell that this is the busy wedding season.  Beyond that – when summer kicks in, there is more upkeep with flowers and our garden and such – much to do….and we are busy hopefully making each and every bride happy – sprucing up things here and there….

That said – I have received more pictures.  I know that many of you wait for these – for ideas and for just plain pleasure.  We relish them all.  I don’t get tired of the pictures.  We have been pleased to have met so many fine and talented photographers. This is a good sign that you will be able to find a good one when you need them…..though the goods ones do book up early.

Emily and Wes were married last month. The local Times Free Press newspaper rep was here that day – got permission from her to take a few photos – and an article was posted in the paper yesterday about the new craze of having barn weddings.  We were prominently featured in an article that did mention a few of our competitors.  I like to think that we are quite different from the other barns….one is high end with a pipe organ and a very majestic but sanitized type barn… is shaped like a barn and often hosts brides dressed like out of Gone with the Wind (so far – no Scarlett’s have come to our venue)… is more of a Tara location but with a small barn shed.  I am sure we appeal to just a certain niche of a bride…and that it is our farm – the full package; real barn, scenic backdrops, vintage old farmhouse, animals in the field, real garden and tractor, etc. that brings the appeal.  I guess you should let ME know sometime – what exactly it is that draws you to our place….it would be good to hear.  Please – post a reason here for me to see.
No more delays….here are the pictures.  Which is your favorite?  Mine…..I will post at the very end.

   For a few more photos – check out the Emily & Wes Photo Album that I am posting on the Barn at High Point Farms Facebook page……AND LEAVE A COMMENT!