Weddings Galore This Weekend

  Too bad my camera battery gave out for wedding number 2 – but this weekend was a wild and crazy weekend with three weddings!  Besides a 10 minute light shower delay for wedding number 2 – where the wedding went on outside as planned – we can happily state that not a single wedding has been misplaced due to weather  – EVER. 
  I am hoping again that these photographers will let me in on their sneak previews and be generous with their photos…but… are a few of the best ones that Jill took this weekend.  The photos represent two of the weddings – sorry Melody, battery issues failed my good journaling so send some when you get them!
  sincerely – Margie
Mr. and Mrs. Tittle – Handsome couple.

Doesn’t Tiffany look stunning in her beautiful dress in front of the red barn doors?

Anna and Steven were a delightful couple with lots of fun and crazy friends. Anna had a bit of the Alice in Wonderland theme going on.