Weddings Can Be Fun For the Kids Too

We just completed our June 11th wedding – Chris and Jordan. It was spectacular and beautiful and they certainly had an amazing group of friends and family that pitched in to facilitate this wedding.  I was struck by how much fun the children had today. There was a passel of them all decked out in their outfits – boys in gray trousers laced with suspenders with rolled up white shirt sleeves and yellow bow ties, then girls all in pale yellow eyelet sundresses.They were running here and there – checking out the barn and the old house porch swing. Croquet entertained them for a bit but then – then – we hooked a lead rope to Sweet Pea – one of our goats – and brought her to meet the children. 

Goat at a farm wedding – Photo courtesy of HP Farms


Goat at barn wedding – Photo Courtesy of HP Farms

That was it – checkmate! They took turns leading Sweet Pea from one low branch to another so she could nibble on pear tree leaves and maple leaves. Being in charge of the lead rope became a badge of honor as they managed to lead an animal likely twice their weight this way then that. It was a huge hit. Unfortunately, there will surely be a couple of parents who will have to explain to their kids later on  as to why exactly they cannot own a goat – but it made for a wonderful memory for the younger crew.


Firetruck at Farm Wedding – Photo by Jenn and Travis Photography

One funny thing that happened was a conversation with Tucker – my 3 year old grandson. He has to put up with both his mom and me telling him things such as “we have to do this or that to get ready for the wedding….” or “people are coming later to have their wedding….” and to a 3-year old, all bets are off as to what and how they translate new information.  Last wedding, he was thrilled that a fire truck and two police cars showed up HIS FARM. He had no idea that it was because the groom was a firefighter and most of his friends were either cops or firefighters. But, as today’s event got rolling, he couldn’t figure out “where” the firetrucks and police cars were hiding! Somehow he just thought that firetrucks and police cars would come at each and every wedding. Unfortunately – or fortunately – they will not. Each wedding has its uniqueness and its flair.  No fire engines but a bunch of kids all giddy as they enjoyed the simple pleasure of life – endless lawns to run in, sitting in the porch swing, and playing with the farm critters. So, weddings CAN be fun for kids too!