Wedding Year 2012 Concludes


November 10th concluded our last 2012 wedding. It was as beautiful and as special of a wedding as our first wedding of the year (March 10th) was.  It has been a long year – with many brides, many details, many improvements, many memories, and many new friends.

I am amazed that our perfect record remains in tact – No Rained Out Weddings!  We had several close calls where the rain came in just before….and gave everyone pause to pull out their Plan B option for review, but then the rain came and the rain went as if on cue.  There were several weddings where there were a half dozen family or friends standing in the barn looking at their i-phones as they watched the weather radar maps as a front looked like it was coming right for us – yet disappeared as it approached our valley.

We had one wedding where the beginning of the day couldn’t have been prettier – not a cloud in the sky. Yet – as the ceremony time arrived – a rumble of thunder could be heard as a storm rolled from the northwest oddly down towards our way.  Guests had arrived – a shower and storm came – and the bride, known for loving storms, decided to wait an extra 30 minutes to see if the storm would pass before going to her plan B.  So…we waited…on pins and needles hoping that the bride was handling the situation with peace. Indeed she was….and the talk of her guests were “oh, this is just like Mandi – she loves a good storm!” After a brief wait – the wedding went on as normal and it was one of the more memorable weddings and the photos were amazing due to the odd light that comes after a rain. 

We continue to be impressed by the creativity of our brides, the variety that comes from them, the great ideas that we see implemented, and the uniqueness of each of them.  We are privy to a continual stream of pinterest ideas and looks. 
We have been fortunate to get media exposure too this year getting picked up on several of the internet wedding blogs, local newspapers, and in magazines.  We are excited about the Carly/Michael wedding from March(photos by Soli Photography)  that will be featured in the Winter issue of DIY Weddings Magazine – to be on sale soon.  Several other weddings have been submitted to various magazines – so we hope for more announcements later. We do no wedding fairs and very little advertising So, we are dependent on word of mouth, the attraction of my website where the amazing photos from our talented photographers share their works of art, and our Facebook page where we are linked and liked in a new age of social media. So, each and every bit of media exposure is exciting and precious to us.
We even found out that one of our brides did a music video here.  Long story and a strange one but check out sometime on Youtube a music video for MatchBox Twenty song titled “Overjoyed.”
We have had brides come from far and wide to have their wedding here at High Point Farms….West Coast, Augusta, Raleigh, Colorado, Japan, and more. Beyond our destination wedding brides – their family and guests have come from the four corners of the country and even beyond to attend these beautiful Georgia southern weddings here at the barn. It has been wonderful and fascinating to meet so many delightful people from all over.  Southern hospitality has officially been spread far and wide.  We have also had a few military brides/groom who either just loved the idea of a southern wedding or had some sort of connection to the southeast but those have all been fun and special.
We have had unusual sightings here at High Point Farms this year from unicorns to double decker buses to blind-folded grooms to cigar cabinets and more.
I had a niece get married here at the farm and I had a granddaughter, Emma, born in June. My husband quit his truck-driving job to become our full-time projects and maintenance man/jack of all trades for our family business.
We have been truly blessed with so many of the experiences this year and we thank you for your part in making this a wonderful and special year. We loving being a part of your special day and  know that you too have made an impression on us as well.  Our lives are woven together and with the pictures in toe – it makes for some awesome memories.  I hope you have had a thankful Thanksgiving – there is much to be thankful for.