The Wedding of Michelle and Bryan – by Shane Hawkins Photography

Michelle is one of those brides that planned this day with great detail….but detail of a different slant actually.  Oh yes, she made many of those same typical decisions; chose wisely on her vendors, figured out what food to have, made a thought-out timeline, etc….but she purposely made plans to have an enjoyable day with her friends, her husband, and her guests.

I often tell brides to plan this day so it is just so “them”…..with food they truly enjoy, with time to do those things that they long to do (whether chilling by the bonfire or lots of time in the dancehall), and invite those most precious people that you want to spend this day with not just anybody and everybody that you know.  Make this day so much fun – so “you” – that you would want to do it again next year.  Michelle is one of those brides that I think would actually qualify.

She found a dress that would be cool and comfortable in the August temperatures but one that would flow and swirl and make magical photos…..She did indeed!

She planned the day to have lots of time – connect time – with her bridesmaids.  Don’t you just love that light mint color?

She planned for a ceremony in the grove under the canopy of the trees where their foliage would keep everybody cool and comfortable…and oh so beautiful too.   It was!

She ordered stunning bouquets from one of our recommended florist, Mayflowers, to give the “summer garden effect”….and they do.

She ordered flowers from High Point Farms for her tables to continue the garden thing – and they do!

She wanted to take some photographs “within” our flower garden – and she did.

and….keeping with her flower garden theme it was only fittin’ to sneak away into the greenhouse for some romantic shots – and wow….it is!

And…..she was determined to find a location somewhere on the farm that would make such an incredible photo that I would tempted to post it on my website – and I am pretty sure that this one will qualify.


and she wanted to find all sorts of places to have those intimate romantic shots….and she found those too.

and she wanted to have her first dance on the stage in the arms of her new husband and feel as though it was just him and her there alone together…..and they did.

and to party till the last minute with a barn full of her very best friends and family……and that too, she did.


So……..who wants to come back again next year?                                                                ~ Margie