Wedding of Cassandra and Justin by Four Willow Photography

Wedding day………a day that you have planned – looked forward to – spent money and time and effort scripting….then it arrives.  You stand before the mirror and know that this day will impact the rest of your life.  Solemn thoughts – thinking about the day – and a huge smile of anticipation.



After the ceremony – after the family and bridal photos – this is the best time of the day – the best light of the day – for those romantic bride groom photos.  The tree tunnel always makes beautiful ones.

Just a few moments to sit together and take in all of the special moments of the day.  What better place that on the stage at your own sweetheart table with all of the lights above glowing?


Cake time is always a “will they be naughty or be nice” question….I think they were a bit both!

And there is always a happy ending at night’s end.  The happy couple married and very content after a long day of celebrating.

~ Margie