The Wedding of Caroline and Matt by Elizabeth B. Photography

Caroline and Matt – what a special couple and special wedding day they had.  I am pretty confident that their photographer, Elizabeth B. Photography, did a good job of capturing the personalities of this couple….so, a little less commentary needed on this one.

This wedding day was well thought out and executed.  Many hands make light work, they say, and there were indeed many helpers.  They first come to the barn and just like a nest of worker ants, they all go to their tasks; unloading boxes, making signs, setting out decor, adding those little touches here and there.  With the fall wedding, it was fun to infuse the pumpkin influence in the decor but not just decor….little pumpkin favors for any and all.

And while the bride preps…..

the photographer walks around the farm and takes detail shots.  This gorgeous dress hangs beautifully here on the farmhouse porch – and the symmetry of the dress cascading towards the tile floor next to the cascading vines coming off of the porch columns plays off of each other wonderfully.  And…..then occasionally a photographer tweaks a good shot – a good angle……and sees beauty in the alternate one… this.



Venue details…..

Adorable ring box.

Ceremony in the grove

This groom was SO HAPPY to be here today – no hiding that fact!


She was adamant about having some goat pictures.   Dontacha’ just love the goat necklace?

But….hard not to also love these vintage truck photos.

Time for a few romantic shots.

And….nothing like cutting the cake and “feeding each other the cake” to showcase their personality.

A romantic dance – just the two of them.

Sparkler send off and one more “wow-kiss”……………

and a bunch of family and friends to spend the day with………this was one perfect wedding.         ~ Margie