Vintage China

   Ooooh – La – La!  Don’t you just love the old vintage china.  I do say “China” loosely though for some of my vintage dishes are not china but still old and lovely all the same.  I have found pieces here and there – ebay of course, but at yard sales, estate sales, consignment shops, and little antique shops throughout the southeast. 
   It is an instant attraction for me……either the pattern grabs a hold of my heart or it doesn’t.  I keep the color palette soft and delicate so to blend well with most of our bride color choices.  But I am amazed at  the beauty of them… the ones with the rippled edges and actually…it would be a difficult chore to award any one pattern as my favorite.


   The marrying of the two worlds…the rustic barn and the tables with white linens and adorned with such a beautiful array of dishes – just takes the level of your event to a higher level.  Each table groupings are selected by me as if it were one picture – each complimenting the next. The vintage china just becomes part of the extraordinary decor. You will see all of the ladies walking around the tables oohing and awwing over the treasured pieces….and as shabby chic has taken over the new generation – they too seem to appreciate the vintage look. Add to the look, the vintage silverware – old patterns and a bit of tarnish to boot but it brings the look full circle.

   I am quite protective over my vintage china collection – my treasure. So these are rented out as a whole package which includes 1. the dinner plate, 2. fork/spoon/knife, 3. white or ivory cloth napkin (or a burlap colored linen napkin), and 4. dessert plates.  As stated above, I hand select each tables worth of place settings to coordinate them, set them out for you on the tables with the napkins and silverware. We handle busing these items after the initial reception time. We have dessert dishes stacked by or near the dessert area and bus those as well afterwards.  The price can be obtained by emailing me at  It is certainly not the cheap method of providing plates and such….but it certainly creates an impression than your guests will not forget and as I said – it brings your event to a more elegant level.  This package is very time consuming and my dishes are a treasured find.  Storing, selecting, transporting, placing, busing, cleaning, and packing safely for the next event means a lot of work and effort but worth considering for the bride who wants an unforgettable presentation.
   Another option for a budget minded bride is to use limited amounts of the china.  In small doses – which means renting just the dessert dishes – again, stacked near the dessert table. Another option is to have the vintage table setting just for the head table and/or for the parents table.  This still adds a bit of the vintage look but gives that special honor and flair to those most important.
   Then… add more attention – there is the vintage and mixed dessert-ware that I have also collected.  I will speak more on that later….but here is a couple of cute pictures to draw your interest.