Vintage Books, Teapots & Teacups Speaks “Volumes” About the Bride – Wedding of Brooke & Jared by Kenney Photography

What a beautiful couple Brooke and Jared are.  No surprise here that these photos of their wedding day would be amazing with Kenney Photography in charge.  The picture below was also taken here at the farm as their engagement pictures a year before and it was one of the more amazing photos of the year albeit an engagement….the selection of the location, the pose, and the lighting effect – kudos!

I was super pumped when I found out that I would be handling decorations for Brooke.  It was sorta like when a hunting dog sees its owner loading the portable kennels into the back of the pick-up truck….the excitement and anticipation are almost too much.  I remember the day well when Brooke and several of her family came to discuss ‘decorating.’  She said she wanted a very romantic woodland theme.  My mind went to auto-pilot and there was an almost visual “check-can do that” light that blinked in my brain.  That lasted for about ten seconds until she said, “I also want to infuse the woodland theme with vintage books, teapots, and teacups.”  That is one of those moments that your mind begins to mentally play chess as i imagined play by play – piece by piece –  how this would affects that and influence this and thus…  this decorating theme would play out.

Turns out that her reason for her specific request was that she was a nature loving girl – yes…..and she loved the thought of getting married in the grove as if she was in the middle of a forest – yes….and then beyond that…she was an avid reader who perpetually was sipping on coffee as she read.  It made perfect sense after hearing the ‘why’ but it initially felt like a daunting but overtly exciting prospect.  Vintage books I have (which that alone may be an understatement), vintage teacups and teapots I have (one of my many unique collections, I might add). and pulling it all together with a woodland romantic theme would mean infusing greenery left and right (mosses and succulents too), and infusing enough accents of lace, elegance, and flowers to set that romantic tone.

With a wide assortment of greens (many represented here in this picture), a short list of flowers in complimentary colors for her theme, and a fun and interesting mix of accents from the tea pots, tea cups, terrariums, mosses of several kind, and even my prized bird nest with eggs….all came together in a chorus of this Woodland Romantic theme.

Many brides are wanting some variation of “Fairytale Woodland Romantic” and often I hear from mothers, “What exactly is Woodland Romantic?”  The best way to describe it is to imagine that there is an elegant wedding set up in the middle of a forest….set with tables and chairs for a reception with linens and table decor plus all the typical things used for an elegant wedding; items like silver teapots and candlesticks and linens and lace.  Once you picture that in your mind – imagine that all of “that” sat there for a hundred years waiting on the bride to return back to the forest to get married…as if maybe she was Sleeping Beauty.  Okay….once she returns, the forest has gradually reclaimed the area.  Ferns, vines, and mosses have grown around and into many of the furniture and decor pieces.  Birds have made nests in the bowls and teacups.  Wild forest flowers have been seeded and are now blooming in the most unique places.  The fairytale side of it all means while all of this infusion is taking place – that nothing got dirty – LOL!  You have all of that vintage elegance of the tarnishy silver pots with lace as often as you can spread it around infused with lots of whimsical flowers and such….all with those luscious greenery and “life” that comes from being in the woods.

Luckily Brooke is an easy going girl, as the silly photo above will tout, but she knows her mind and knows what she wants…and by golly, on wedding day, let’s give the girl what she wants!  As you can see from the stunning bouquet (great job, Flowers by Tami) there is this grand mix of all things green but with very purposeful splashes of color (and textures too like those berries and the succulents).  I wondered if the bouquet weighed more than Brooke herself but oh, did it make a statement!  And – can’t have a woodland theme without crowns…these were beautiful.

Brooke and Jared had an “early reveal” (smart, smart choice) so that they could have that special intimate moment by themselves (and of course with their stalking photographer to capture that perfect moment).  This allowed them additional time as well for photos ahead of time.  Might as well have this moment by the woodpile to give that woodland feel, huh?

So many pretty faces here – how do you do that?  It was a great color to choose – that shade of purple for a fall wedding…and the flower choices were allowing the bouquets to accent the girls dresses without competing for attention – if that makes sense.

I love these photos showing the “shock and awe” of the bridal party as they watch the merry couple making out beside them. It allows a bit of the personality of the bridal party to be revealed as well.   As usual, Kenney Photography perfectly framed this pose with the canopy of tree leaves behind them…making it a keeper from the gallery.

So I infused this theme throughout the venue layout.  She came out of the white french doors of the barn through the vine and moss ridden curtains into the grove with stumps aligning her aisle with sprigs of cedar and little bits of sweet gum balls or hickory shells.  She indeed stepped into the forest – a magical one with prince charming awaiting her.

Now, did I mention that I love, L-O-V-E to surprise the bride with some bits of unique details that I didn’t tell her about?  Well, I do love to go above and beyond and wow the girls a bit.   Yes, I had fun making reserved signs for the tables out of old book covers and making table numbers out of old book pages with stenciled numbers on them…that fuels my creative juices for sure.  But…when Brooke’s mom emailed me a couple of weeks prior to the ceremony (yep – a couple of weeks ahead of time – why do they wait to throw me such a interesting curve ball?), and mentioned, “oh, by the way, Brooke is a huge Harry Potter fan if there is any way to use that somehow….”  Well, back to the hunting dog analogy, it was as if she had waved in front of my nose a raccoon scented soaked rag!  This dog was on the hunt!


Ebay – here I come.  Ordering a couple of old editions of Harry Potter was easy enough.  One of them, I set it opened in the vintage chair by the gift area presentation area and the second one, I gutted a hole out of the center of it to plant some mossy succulents for her head table.  I also came upon a prized find – some old glasses that sure did look a lot like those wirey ones of Harry Potter’s….I ordered them and asked for a quick delivery – all of the way from Eastern Europe!  So – again in weaving her book theme with the woodland theme…I titled their head table “Our love story” but I figured if nobody else even noticed that Brooke would be ever so familiar with the Harry Potter books that even opened in the middle and with a succulent sticking out of it – that she would pick up on the Harry Potter surprise.

Brooke ordered a cake that certainly fit into her theme as well.  Isn’t it adorable?  Brooke had her own surprise for Jared.  When asked what he wanted for wedding day he replied, “You can have anything you want as long as I can have some pizza…” (or something to that affect). So, Brooke ordered the groom’s cake to look like a pepperoni pizza.  I am often amazed at the creations coming out of these local bakeries for it certainly did look like a pizza though it was certainly sweet and albeit, a cake.  There was cupcakes ordered and Brooke wanted me to do a sign telling of the various flavors.  Bingo!  A new idea flew into my head…make a sign out of an old book.  Sometimes my brain just needs to slow down.

So the magical day began to wind down.  Plenty of awesome food and drink, lots of family and friends to dance with and to mingle about, cake to eat, favors to share, and time to chill out by the bonfire.

and in the end….

….there was an awesome couple who had their own fairytale – a “Woodland Romantic” dream wedding come true, they left happier than they arrived, and I believe that they “lived happily ever after” or at least they are on that journey to live it.


~ Margie