Various Table Decor From 2017

Each wedding looks different – nothing cookie cutter (hallelujah!).  Nothing highlights that better than looking at the various table decor choices used by our 2017 brides.

(1)  Lanterns are always popular – more so in the fall but in fact – all year long.  As you can see even here – there is a great variety of looks even between those using lanterns.

(2)  We saw a few Boho-inspired table decor too.  These tend to have touches of brass or gold and varying colors of glass…..lots of rich colors.

(3) Nature-Driven

(4)  Heavy Greenery (with flowers as an accent)

(5) Elegant “Arrangements” (and often letting the plates, napkins, and various glassware add bling) to the overall effect.

(6) What would likely be referred to as “Simple Elegance” where flowers aren’t arranged but a simpler effect of accenting with buds or stems of flowers and letting the glassware dazzle with more lighting effects.



(7)  Last group is much like the category above – simple elegance….but with a twist.  This batch of brides utilized our “freebie decor stash” so that they brought very little decor (if any).  Some even purchased farm flowers from us while some bought Costco flowers/bouquets and handled their own.  You can see here how beautiful yet how simple this approach is.  We say it “saves on your Hobby Lobby bill” so you don’t buy 20 somethings that you won’t ever use again.



(8)  Great Idea – Double Dipping.  Flowers can be a huge part of your wedding day expenses but here are a couple of ways to let the flowers double dip.  Utilize the flowers that you have down the aisle (hanging on chairs or crooks or setting on log stumps) and after the ceremony – let them be moved inside to some of the reception tables.  No one would even know of suspect…..and even if they did – they would commend you for being so brilliant!

and…..I think Kayla wins the prize on double dipping.  She had our 2-Day Event where we lightly decorate for her Rehearsal Dinner tables. These tables were decorated with our Freebie Decor items plus farm fresh flowers….so Kayla just then utilized those same arrangements for wedding day and just made them stretch by using more accent pieces and lanterns from the stash.

~ Margie