Two Birds One Stone

This cliche’ is one of my favorites.  Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you so.  It is actually “kill two birds with one stone” to which my son will tell you – “My mom loves to kill those birds….” but before I linger any longer – understand, I am not killing any literal birds only figurative ones.  What is a figurative bird, you say?  To rephrase with another cliche, “get more bang for your buck”……so in essence it is getting more solutions –  more desirables with less input – or at least the same input as with one.

The desirables in this circumstance are “trendy look” and the other is “helping with the budget.”  We have noticed for a while now that many of our brides are opting for table decor that doesn’t look alike.  Keep the theme going – yes, but each table looks a bit different from  the next.  This usually goes beyond, for example, having different lanterns on each table instead of all the same color and kind….but it may be having log rounds on some…..and then mini logs on others – while keeping the vintage bottles and votives the same.



rustic wedding decor

 rustic table decor silver tea pot

Now – some brides will just go vintage on the tables and usually when this happens – each table inevitably needs to look different.  No one has 12 birdcages.  By going vintage theme….you can incorporate all sorts of items; books, old silverware, old clocks, heirlooms, etc.  With the interest in Bohemian weddings – this style embraces mismatch.  What this alone can do is to spread your options so you aren’t hunting for 20 of one things.  Also – it stretches your flower budget since most of what you need are buds here and there….and they too can be mismatched and not all the same kind…keep your color pallet tight but they can indeed be different.

 bohemian table decor

 vintage table decor

 vintage centerpieces

 vintage centerpieces

Now…take it one step further…killing my two birds with one stone.  A bride this weekend purchased florist created centerpieces which were stunning – works of art, in fact (by Mayflowers)….but she did not place these on all tables but only on some.  On the other tables – she had a vintage theme (much like above) so she was still able to display stunning flower arrangements but not overdo her budget by having them times 20… it allow her to really incorporate this vintage flair which was this bride’s forte’.


 vintage table decor


You can see where this bride (Kate) not only had flower arrangements on some tables and not all….but from the pics above – she incorporated her mother’s vintage tablecloth collection on the tables as well….some with the colorful vintage cotton square overlays and some with lace toppers or squares.  Now I will state that maybe Kate did not choose these options because of budget concerns but likely because she liked the way it looked – having the mismatch….and the bits of flowers without it being overwhelming everywhere.  Maybe she did do it from a budget stand point.  My point is….it would stretch your dollars either way…whether you were wanting just buds or full florist designed arrangements… have some on certain tables and something  else on the others.  I love it too from both standpoints.  I love it when the guests walk around and want to see all of the tables like a tour…..because there is something “to see uniquely” on each table.

Anyway….just a great idea to ponder!


~That’s all for now, Margie