To Add-On Options or Not?

  One of our mottos here at High Point Farms is to give our brides lots of options.  Whether it is having your ceremony under the grove and set up in a semi-circle or whether she wants to bring her own food…options, options.  options. 
  Many brides are on very tight budgets so they appreciate the few options where they can save money – by setting up their ceremony, finding a family friend to cater the food, and handling clean-up.  Some brides have more time or more willing friends to handle these extra chores – so it still remains an option.
  A few of our brides want everything included.  We have never touted our venue as all-inclusive…we don’t have a resident photographer, we don’t cater, and husband David – as of yet, doesn’t officiate. Some brides will look at us bewildered and say…..”you make us set out our chairs?”… which we say, “We give you the option of setting up your chairs so you can have it where ever and how ever you imagine it.”  Funny how some brides are thrilled at that statement and some are puzzled. 
  Most of our add-on’s come from repeated requests.  Each bride envisions her wedding day different – each come with a different budget – and each come with a priority list.
  Haybales – large and small.  Square hay bales for seating shouts rustic and fits in with our farm wedding genre.  It is no easy matter to haul hay bales out of the barn for set up and to return them – so our pricing to reflect the labor and time involved….but the look is adorable. Most brides will lay out a sheet of fabric atop the row of bales with a twisty knot at the ends – make them a bit more comfortable to sit upon. Some brides find this option appealing because they can avoid asking their guest to haul in their chairs from the ceremony to the reception area.
  Some use the square bales for decorating – either as accents on the hay wagon, etc. or like pictured below – a bride made a “hay couch” which was plum adorable! 
  Large haybales are requested to create a unique decor addition or for a great photo op.  Usually three are sufficient for “the look” but we have plenty of them either way.
  We do have fun stuff like 1. horse in the ring – where we place one or two horses in the horse ring to give that up close and personal touch that seem to please many of your guests…people are drawn to horses and it is just eye candy to be enjoyed. We offer our “goat on a leash” which must be purely unique to us – where we bring out one of our favorite and friendliest goats to be petting – fed bred to – and enjoyed….young and old seem to be tickled to be entertained by this. We had a bonfire which is also a favorite.  We set it up and set the fire as dusk approaches….we set out some extra seating – and it just provides a mellow and peaceful place for your guests to just chill….under the deep star filled sky. We offer hay rides, hay wagon get-away….and just adds a bit of farm fun to the evening.
    Some of our add ons are logistics – rentals of sorts.  We now offer linen rentals. We have a vendor who has agreed to deliver the linens, set them up, and come retrieve them all for $12 each. They also have burlap runners.  We rent our mason jar collection used for drinking glasses – giving a cute theme to even that feature. We have mason jars with metal hangers and mason jars with woven twine hangers – that can be rented so you can place flowers in them for the shepherds crooks or to be hung from the trees.  We now have a pergola that we can set up – it is a distressed white wood pergola with a bit of grapevine garland on it – which you can them embellish with greenery, flowers, ribbons, or fabric.
  We do also have various services as add-ons.  Though we do encourage you to come set up how you wish and where you wish – setting up your tables and chairs may be the last thing that you want to do on your wedding day – understandably actually. So we offer a set up add-on where we do this service for you.  I really do encourage more of our brides to opt for this add-on.  It really does take quite a bit of effort and often sweat to set up 100-200 chairs….hauling them from the barn out to the ceremony area.  Just setting them up is a challenge to most….finding the right angle….making straight lines….spacing them just right…..and then giving them a quick clean up if necessary.  Many times we have seen family members wearing themselves out setting them up – not realizing how quickly the time passes and the to do list pending. Then on days when the weather is iffy…setting out the chairs has to be delayed so not to risk ruining the chairs…this often means that the “setting out chore” is delayed to a less convenient time…….. I can’t help but think that many “bride’s families” would rethink this if they had it to do all over again.  If you opt for this add on…we just need to have a good pow-wow with the bride to find out exactly where she wants the ceremony – how many chairs set out…and how many tables set out, etc.  We also offer clean-up options too.  Saving money is often the driving force for a family to try to do this clean up themselves….and with a crew of dedicated friends who can stay up till late…this can be completed without us…..but….again….being able to just be the “family of the happy couple” ….enjoy and celebrate till late….then pack up what is important enough to keep…and leave the messes and the “put backs” to us.  There is always lots of clean up from a party….corn hole games to retrieve…banners to take down….shepherds crooks to take up….garbage…left overs, etc….Considering that you have likely been up since dawn…and had a busy and hectic day…adding on the service of complete clean up is a wise choice….again it is your choice or not…but believe me… is worth it.  That way…you can enjoy the evening and be the mother of the bride……the father of the bride….and not be the janitor.
  Finally, there are a few add  ons that we don’t include in our contracts….they are more personalized.  We often will offer to decorate – some or a lot – for a bride.  ‘we have a host of antiques, vintage bottles, doilies,  a watering tin collection, vintage tea pots, quilts, old wooden boxes, and our mixed vintage china collection with old silverware too. We will work with our florist so we can do most of the flowers leaving the bouquets to the professionals…so to take care of most of the venue details.  We enjoy the decorating and if you want to contact us to handle a slew of your venue details…..just email me a       We look forward to the day that we can actually begin to offer full package plans…for those of you who want the look but have no time…..maybe some day…..maybe next year!
Thanks for listening!    Good Night!