Tick Tock – January Ends

    2012 is here and February greets us tomorrow.  January came and went quick as a wink. The holidays, the rains, the constant flow of tours, and our winter projects consumed this month.
    I am trying to keep some of our project updates captive so to be able to display them at once for full effect but it is exciting even to us to see each piece of the puzzle coming together. The new addition is settling in. Doors made and hung. Hardware added. Gutters hung. More lights strewn. Funky chandelier made and hung. Flagstone pathway replaced. Heavy old vintaged wood trolley doors hung along the east side openings. Painted the buffet planks. Created a cool wall of windows between the lounge and buffet room. Stage One completed on the new Animal Barn (dubbed “Nana Barn” because it is was me – a.k.a. Nana – who begged for a barn to house my critters through the winter). More trees planted.
    February will be busy too. New entryways. Make more curtains and hang them. Put up more lighting. Design our vegetable garden and begin to implement them. Fertilize sod and hayfields.  Make some new signs. Transplant some flowers. Complete stage two on the Nana Barn (close it in and create some stalls). Refresh the sawdust . Cut some more log rounds. Mulch, mulch, mulch.
    So – check back for a few pictures.  I may sneak a few in for those who follow my